The Wisteria.

I see the wisteria hosting among the cloth,
Why, it will one day be encapsulated in shroud,
And we will all be in crowds, alone,
For if I were afraid, it had already could pass,
And if not to be, then I will recite articles,
While my sleep malingers me.

I think of when the shroud will one day come over,
And wait at our door, with the remark of malingering our sleep, since it is now rest.
And these wishes I had imposed on my soul,
Were only velleities.

© 2018 All Rights Reserved.

1 thought on “The Wisteria.”

  1. Your poems are so beautiful! They have such language, such lyricism; they take me out of this world and bring me back. They take me to places I’ve never been, and I return refreshed to a world of meaning and wonder! I simply marvel at your poetry Lucy! Keep writing!


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