Open Eyes, World.

Open eyes, world,
You’ve gazed at the ignis fatuus,
When bothered at the glimpse, then purled,
And crumpled with asbestos,

Open eyes, world.
I’ve gazed at the passing,
When disturbed by the innocent jaw-line laugh,
And I raise a lip,

Open eyes, world,
Plenty, plenty has seen,
The stalk that you sit on,
And gape at far dreams,

Blanked on.

Open eyes, world,
Holding the shadow of the child like her own,
And some shawl pulled back, soft as the plumes of an egret,
That will reveal all regret,
Your regret, and my own.

Open eyes, world.
What bliss.

© 2019 All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Open Eyes, World.”

  1. This is beautiful! I love the vibe and descriptions, each one describing a different scene that people should see as an eye opener. My favorite part was that last 2 stanzas. I love shawls and can picture the little image you described in your words, each one conveying a different meaning yet a different scene each time. Great piece, I enjoyed reading it!

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