And Wishes Are That.

And the children do play,
And wishes are that; at once where we know,
Absence of serious affairs and even careful cares,
But, they must dream very still. We are older.
We can count the very life of minutes,
And stretch our fingers, tracing our palms,
I, still shy, only wished the fall would not come;
No, no autumn or fall; the leaf can fall at once,
(Our gestures and friends,
We pray that they’d come
And soon we can remember or forget)
And be still. We were younger.
And the children do play,
And wishes are that; at once where we knew
None of that, none of that
And nothing else, too.

8 thoughts on “And Wishes Are That.”

    1. Hmm… It does seem familiar. Perhaps from The Shining by Stephen King? I’m half joking, but it does sound familiar…I just looked up the phrase and there’s also a song by Cat Stevens with a somewhat similar name.

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      1. I have never picked up a book by Stephen King -shudders-

        I don’t think I’ve heard of Cat Stevens, but then again, I don’t pay attention to the names of song artists lol

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      2. I can’t blame you. I think I read two short stories of his. I tried reading The Mist by him and I gave up on it after, I think, the seventh chapter? I think I just got bored with it. I have also never read The Shining, but I was referring to an infamous scene in the movie (which I never watched as well) with the twins.

        Neither do I, unless I really want to find out the particular song. Cat Stevens is pretty good, based on what I listened from him. But, I’m more of a rock person anyway.

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      3. I know of it, although I wish I didn’t…-shudders again-

        I’m more Video Game music, and Disney music. Basically, action music or songs like “I Have A Dream” and “Slaughter Race”, as well as “Your Welcome”

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      4. Wait, video game music? That’s so awesome! I do that with the Mario RPG video games because the music is addicting. And I’ll have to check out those songs, I’ve never heard of them before. Besides, I need new stuff to listen to anyway. Lol.

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      5. “I Have A Dream” is a song from Tangled, “Slaughter Race” is from Ralph Breaks The Internet (it’s actually more comical than you’d think), and “Your Welcome” is from Moana

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      6. I’m not the biggest fan of Disney stuff, but in the past, I’ve listened to some of their music in a few movies, and they can be pretty catchy, I have to admit.

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