As I Mourn a Flower.

As the rose adorns
The mourning river secedes in Yorkshire skies.
I give my love to the flower of pears,
In velvet array on the vineyards,
A vestige in a nightly soul
Passed by a little eye of the moon
Darker than winston smoke.

The water does flow gently
Onto a ballad of the dark dawn
When it secedes into the whole Earth,
Passing by the stars, while the wind skirts
Around to the mouthful of rivers from the world,
Gifted by the shadows that rustle.

O’! The tawny wings
Onto a sonata from a pithy child of the haulm,
Of a viceroy butterfly into the diamond torrent,
Falls onto the mouth of a morning river, lay my heart
Onto the mercy of an evening fire, as I mourn a flower.

© 2019 All Rights Reserved.

A/N: The first line of the poem is taken from the Latin motto, “The sea enriches, the rose adorns.”

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