“Darling Little Daisy” By Gabby L.

Pretty little thing with your colorful petals,
I heard a storm was coming- cover up;
Don’t let them all notice the way,
the thunder causes your body to shake.
Or the way your petals snap in two,
when the heavy drops of the rain fall-
and put a damper on the cracked concrete
that you grow in; so slowly, so carefully.
Never letting anyone see the shadows,
that covers you when the stars come up
and the sun hides behind your relatives.
Darling little Daisy, don’t let them see,
the way the wind pushes you over again-
or the way the waves drown your words,
like the way the sands are engulfed
when the storm gets too close to your shore.
When all you can do is watch it carefully
and hope that the sun will come back to you-
because as pretty as the stars are, they don’t shine,
when the sky is covered with storm clouds.
And when the waters rise above your nodding head-
You drown in your own sea of temptation.
Your choices are the cause of your defeat
but still, you long for someone to notice you beneath
the defining waves and startling thunder
but you lay alone and await the end of the storm
for when the storm stops, you can regrow
when every appendage is ripped apart
and every petal is scarred and bruised
you will regrow; no matter how long it takes
you know you will regrow; which is the only reason
you keep growing; because if you didn’t
you would fade away like the receding tide
never to return but in a decomposing pile
of flesh and petals, so carefully combined
with the salty waves and stormy clouds;
So stay strong little flower- don’t fall apart,
keep looking above the waves and breathe.
Before the waters rise and submerge you again.
Enjoy the calm while it still remains,
and dance in the sweet winds of the shore-
before the horizon is engulfed in colors
and darkness overtakes your tiny world.

To the reader who feels too weak to stand anymore, you can get through the hurricanes in your life. Whatever you face, it’ll be okay. Storms don’t last forever.

13 thoughts on ““Darling Little Daisy” By Gabby L.”

  1. Excellent!

    Daisy, Gabby’s Daisy, give me your answer do,
    Are you half crazy, All for the love of dew,
    It won’t be a stylish season,
    You don’t need a particular reason,
    But you’ll look and smell so sweet,
    On your green grass seat
    That Mother Nature’s built for you!

    Liked by 3 people

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