“My Lost Rainbow” By Gabby L.

Paint me a rainbow, use every single color-
Using the memories we’ve strung to hang it up.
Let your tears fall from your thin eyelash clouds,
And let me paint a smile with all the colors-
Of the merry rainbow on your chapped, dry lips.
I’ll build you a castle away from the drought,
And we can dance in our own puddles of sorrow-
Bleeding out every hue that ever existed.
Let’s light up the hallways with the lightning bolts,
And let the thunder be the music in this home.
Winds like the sweet breath from your lungs,
Sweeping away every word you meant to say.
Paint me a rainbow, darling, and scare away,
The storms that make this fragile house shake.
Tell me there’s a rainbow that you’ve hung up for me;
I built you this place, why would you want to leave?
I blew away the clouds and held the lightning,
I brought back the sun for you; bring it back for me.
I gave you my rainbow, I gave you my only lights!
And now you hold the rainbow that was once only mine.
A smile on your lips, you’re happy elsewhere,
Sleeping in the snow, you left me alone here.
Living under dark skies, cold and overcast…
While you’re long gone- and never coming back.

We’re all storms dealing with the product of what we produce, aren’t we? Every action we complete on this Earth is the result of something else, and in place, something else happens. When we allow other clouds (people) into our lives and give them everything, it’s not that hard for them to float away; All it takes is a little gust of wind to pull them from you. But during that time together, the two of you paint this beautiful image in the sky made solely with the wind and rain you shared. But you can’t cut a rainbow in half. And when one cloud leaves, it pulls away the other’s rainbow (which represents happiness in this piece.)

This poem kind of shows that you have to be cautious of who you allow into your life because they can steal your rainbow (happiness.) I’d rather live a moment in love than have a lifetime without it though, which is why I risk my joy and comfort for those I love and to perhaps find someone new to love. Point being is, in this world, people are going to try to take your happiness (aka rainbow) and it’s going to be very easy to let them take it during your weakest moments. But hold onto your rainbow and never, ever, give it away. It’s okay to spread light to people’s lives, but when you give everything to them, you lose everything of yours.

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