By CityLightsAndPowerlines.

You’re a liar and I knew it from the start,
But stupidly- I gave you my weary heart.
I gave you the only ounce of trust I had left-
But your imaginary tales took it and fled.

I’ve been stabbed in the back time after time-
And every time we talk, something isn’t right.
I start to feel the hair raise on my arms
As I realize your intent was never to do harm.

But that’s what you do; you stab and stab at me-
Blindfolded by the ignorance of your beliefs.
You try to sculpt me to perfectly fit you,
Before leaving me- not knowing what to do.

My heart has been broke so many times before,
I read the comments and the only one that hurt was yours.
I can’t let you love me anymore- but I’ll smile-
I’ll laugh and joke and let all of this go for a while.

Before I close myself off from you forever and ever;
I’ll wait until you catch the eyes of another.
Someone who will love and support you like I did,
So when I leave, you can find happiness again.

Goodbye dear friend, know that you did this to yourself.
All you ever did was make living bad for my health.
I’m tired of being bullied; was that really your intent?
I honestly don’t care anymore- we’ve reached the end.

Goodbye dear friend- as if you ever were one,
I’m so happy to say that we are finally done.

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