A feather lifts into the asters,
Made known to the wind
Teeming with a protestation
Of what awaits to be quelled
Eternally in this infinity,

This sacrifice that slips from the dark,
Settles into a river barely seen.
Permeating from frosty caresses
Sliding off the rock,
And back into the cool,
The bare of winter, flicking,
Which looks as it were dismissed
In a post-death once again, gathering in
The almond blossoms and basils

Where hands separate from the light
Of the horizon that brushed against a dream,
The waterfalls in lock jawed flow, and sadness
Reveals itself, investing in the natured admittance
Rising to its folds of what was, where the cold
Is a predator once gone, but it will remember us,

And we will remember it too, as it sleeps us away
In deformed clouds above our spectral dance,
An affinity for the things we cannot have,
Masked in our own temporary ghosts,

These ghosts are bored and alone,
These ghosts are landfills,
These ghosts separate and become our souls.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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