Bridge (Flash Fiction).


Photo prompt response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #68

Word count: 149.

A/N: Hopefully, this isn’t too morbid. Horror genres are somewhat in place.

Darkness emerged.

His eyes flickered helplessly at the waters. It was no dream. On his right side, he positioned his arm back, catching the waves as they curled, and he felt his shoulders spasm—the push and pull through the cold. Elliot looked over at the sullen, beaten yellows of the bridge; brightness had flashed in his face, and down, down, it all went.

‘Please help me.’ He thought. ‘Someone, please, please.’ He felt knocked flat, the wind in different blows on his skin; the water freezing, pushing away the grey that was shadowed underneath. The surface of the water spun, streaked with sliding shadows, eerily in some pre-disposition of hypnotic noise.

When the sun flashed by the north side, Elliot pulled back his arms, partially dripping and dry. As he left, a body re-surfaced from the waters wrapped in coverlets and sheets.

Then the wind finally left too.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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