Hidden in senses,
we, alone, are disenchanted
in the sleep blue mist,
as an expanse of ghosts
and dreams never had.

Leave behind our minds,
the dispensation of a white trance
in the universe;
leave behind the resinous trees
secreting mist
where no space is left.

The shadows of our mind,
displaced in amber,
consumed in a streaked world
with skeletal memories left
to leave me alone with you.

© 2020 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.

A/N: I’m also hosting a poem collaboration here. Join in on the fun!

26 responses to “Hidden.”

  1. I am not very good with poetry … mine will be very childlike lol … but I will see if I can come up with something… has anyone else shared? I saw the start that you did, is there more to lead off of yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very true! In the end, sometimes we just have the memories of it left. Thank you very much for your thoughts and feedback. It is greatly appreciated.


    • Yes! I received your submission the other day. So glad you joined. 😃
      It is a fantastic contribution concerning the theme, and I love the meaning behind it. Excellent piece.


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