Do you remember?

A/N: Wrote this piece for a soundtrack I recently created. You can check it out here on Soundcloud.

rye blows in the wind
we have waited
hidden in the dead
broken upon the strange pale shore,
open in a blue vapor
over deprived sense
what do I feel?
I want to forget
it all.
I want to delete
every memory;
I want to be in exile
among my dreams
as they leave me too;
I want to forget
glow of wandering
the dark groves
lie in the godlike fog
like the blood of a lamb
that sleeps beside,
gone from the lonely earth.
In the ocean’s sleep,
faded is the spring
into the water
as it folded down
into my mind,
teeming with nothing
at times, or everything.
I want to let the current
divide into
the invisible flowers
all my memories
are delusions;
delete each one,

do you remember?

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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