A/N: Another piece I wrote for an instrumental I created on Soundcloud. Check it out here.

Early blooms

rise at six

axed in pale winter,

a tumor of silence;

in the white blossoms,

fresh snow falls

the night paradise

lost into the womb

and raid of memory,

forgotten in the mist 

we entreat.

A temporal zone,

this language I do not understand,

blunt mind, indifference,

twisting alone



in the emptiness of

every street window,

smelt in silent blood,

a war

visiting the splash

of the city;

memory is like the birdsong

that falls from your lips

a moment between lingering 

landscapes, and the breath of the shore,

worshipped in its cold skeletal

shade that encloses the small mouth

of dark cherry blossoms 

in corrupt promises,

leaving the shadow 

to a deeper end

hesitated by anamnesis 

& by disposable silence.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

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