“Water Under the Bridge” By The Golden Ray.

I reflect as I view the past:

Forever have I held my tongue,

O’er fear I shall attack you,

Rather than confront the past.

Good men are not like me, for

I have neglected to forgive

Virtually everything you did,

Envying those who forgive with ease.

Yet now I see my error, and mourn

Over it. However, it’s now water

Under the bridge we have crossed.

The Golden Ray poetry collection (which only consists of 4 total poems, now) concludes with this piece. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart, that I thank you for your kind words, and bid you farewell.

7 thoughts on ““Water Under the Bridge” By The Golden Ray.”

  1. I am saddened that this is the end of your collection, The Golden Ray. I have enjoyed your work especially with how meaningful each word is entwined with passion and personal meaning, and how it connects to different readers on this platform. I do hope you continue writing your immersing words.

    But, farewell friend. Just know, the little writing workshop of horrors is always open if you want to come back. We’ll reserve a seat for you until then.

    I thank you for your wonderful submissions and contributions. Stay healthy and safe.


    1. The Golden Ray says he/she will continue writing, just not under that particular pen name

      Which I get- he/she created that identity to associate with a story, not necessarily with his/her self -shrug-

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      1. Oh, that’s neat. I had no idea you knew them!
        From their author’s note alone, I didn’t know if it could mean that they were done writing that collection or done in general. It is hard without the full context, you know? 😁

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