“Undefined” By Brand.

Phantoms drift midst deep dusk light
timeless and summer, but never settle.
Gray, shadowed and peaceful
faint impressions rust
like old sun faded paintings
on the brick of an antique building.
With each touch, the surface crumbles
Chips of paint and dust clatter
to a debris cluttered sidewalk.
The more I try to clarify
the more pieces fall away.
No one is left to care for this cracked place.
Busy scraping steps
Passing sun warmed bricks.

To check out more of Brand’s work, go here.

7 thoughts on ““Undefined” By Brand.”

  1. Delightful poem… It took me back into my childhood. Chipping and peeling away paint was a toddler pastime… Much to the chagrin of my parents and landlords…i love sitting on sunwarmed bricks building roads for the ants to follow…

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