Sometimes Life Intrudes

Please participate in this wonderful anthology project by Carolyn Cordon. Perspectives are needed, especially from fellow writers, or teachers and doctors on how the current pandemic is impacting you or the world.

I had an idea, an excellent and caring idea, one that would, or at least could, bring hope and understanding to many others. It was an idea for a …

Sometimes Life Intrudes

6 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Intrudes”

  1. Thank you fir this Lucy! As the Editor of this Pending Anthology, I have some good words so far, and I really want this Anthology to come to fruition, and teach people about what we have been through, well into the future. And in the Anthology are words about previous plague-ridden times, and the knowledge gained from the past sometimes is forgotten. I want ot help make sure the knowledge gained from dealing with Covid-19 is remembered well into the future.

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    1. Anytime. 🙂 That is such a vital importance—to never forget this happened. What an amazing project with an important message to future generations. We’re in muddled times right now and to document them as they are would help the future. Amazing idea and project. ❤️

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      1. Thank you Lucy. I spoke/wrote about this project at my writing group this afternoon, (we’ve been holding online meetings these past few times, because we can’t catch up for real …)
        Certainly some of them want to be involved for sure, and that’s great.

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