Mark Borne: A Quarantined Introduction

Hello, everyone! I’m Mark Borne!

Aliases: The Nexus Fox, The Quote Ant, Mark Swift, That Guy, The Food Poet, You-Know-Who…

I’m primarily, as the one alias would suggest, known among my friends as a food poet. Yes. I was rhetorically challenged to write an onion poem, and I promised I would. Everyone thought I was joking. I was not.

And now that reputation has become me.

Despite being known for food poetry, I am also a Christian poet, storyteller, novice webpage designer, and graphic artist. The “graphic” is important. All of my real art is actually quite terrible.

In my free time, outside of quarantine, I enjoy swordfighting, knife throwing, running, and working at a mac and cheese joint. During quarantine, I’ve added coding, counting my money over and over again, memorizing my credit card number, and agonizing over the closed library as extra hobbies.

Some of you might be wondering: “Does this guy have a point? Why is he writing this?”

I probably do have a point, but I seem to have lost it. If you find it, please return it, I very much so like points.

Anyhow, glad to be here! 😀 If you have any questions, let me know. I cannot promise I’ll know the answers (in fact, I can promise I WON’T know the answers), but I’ll try my best!

14 thoughts on “Mark Borne: A Quarantined Introduction”

    1. Well then, for the most part, we’re in the same galleon 😀
      I…don’t think I have a certain branch of sword fighting I’m attached to? Not really? My friends and I just grab whatever swords we can find (usually the cheap Wal-Mart toy lightsaber things) and have duels and stuff. It’s chaotic and not very professional, but occasionally I’ll get to duel with a friend who actually values the style section of dueling 😀

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      1. I started fifty years ago, shirtless, maskless, in a church basement with red mountain wine. Many welts!
        Oh, and I retired after 25 years as a graphic designer, then did 15 more teaching design and art. I’m old!

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  1. The great food poet has arisen. This is our editor and contributor for the Little Writing Workshop of Horrors!

    The last editor I had, however… Well, he was pretty catty and preferred payment in excess wet food. He was… strange. Well, more than strange. He liked clawing my sofa. This guy was downright weird.

    Jokes aside, welcome aboard Mark! I would agree you are pretty well known for that fantastic onion poem; I imagine a lot of people feel like onions during quarantine. I feel like a sack of potatoes, though.

    So, I find it interesting you do knife-throwing. That sounds like a cool hobby. Looks very fun as well!

    How familiar are you with coding? Did you have prior experience? I cannot imagine that it’s easy so I’m just curious. Lol. Admittedly, this is probably the best time to start picking up hobbies.

    A philosophical question, what is the point? In the words of Wax Fang in the song, Majestic, “If you’re searching the lines for a point, well you probably missed it.” But, there is a point somewhere. See, I found it after putting on my glasses! Those damn things always go missing. So, the point was meeting the new editor!

    Again, welcome to the team. So glad to have you on here. 😀

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    1. xD xD xD Your editor sounds like a weird guy

      A sack of potatoes…? -mental cogs start turning-

      It is 😀 Fun fact: I always hit my target hilt-inwards. So, the hilt is buried in the target, and the blade sticks out. This is what happens when I’m dexterous and imprecise xD

      Not MUCH experience. I basically know enough JavaScript to create random number generators, and enough HTML/CSS to create basic webpages via Khan Academy (which is NOT the site I use to learn coding, ironically lol)

      -blinks- But if we’ve found the point, does it keep its philosophical meaning…? -tosses point aside-

      Glad to be here 😀

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      1. Oh, yes. He definitely was.

        Yes, potatoes! Maybe you can turn that into your next big hit food poem! Who knows?

        Interesting. I’m going to look for knife-throwing lessons now for the future. It sounds like a blast. And dexterous and imprecise? Never thought I would see those words in the same sentence. Hahaha.

        Ah, that is cool though. Coding, while intricate, seems like a whole new world into progressing technology. I hope you’re having fun with it!

        Good point, my friend. Good point. We can keep the point, but throw away the meaning. Then it can become pointless! I’m kidding of course. 😀

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      2. -eyes slowly widen-

        xD Technically, they shouldn’t be. I think they’re antonyms 😛

        I wish I could say I was lol

        But pointless is what we’re goin’ for :O And eeek, I don’t want to make a good point xD

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    2. I think the idea of a cat editor sounds very appealing, maybe someday someone will write about the editor cat.

      Most intelligent this feline is. Edited for a Pulitzer Prize.
      His process was strange, involved lots of mice.
      He studied in Delphi, the oracle way.
      Now divination becomes literary participation.
      Awarded, like I said, with a Pulitzer Prize.

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  2. I never got the point, however that is beyond the point of introduction, which was quite on point; and pointedly stated in a humorous way. Welcome to the confusing points, I think this needs editing 🤨

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