“Prologue: Hope” By The Next Chapter.

My foot on the path,
My hand on the gate,
My head in the clouds,
My soul with the wind.

As the Golden Ray departs,
Now this journey begins:
The Next Chapter is here,
And from here shall tell.

There are stories of war,
And stories of heroes,
Stories of cruel pain,
And stories of love.

Who knows what stories
Shall soon be told to us?
Just wait and listen,
The Next Chapter is here.

Hear ye and listen,
Hear ye from the hills!
The Golden Ray is gone,
But the light shines still!

The Next Chapter is here,
And will show you the path,
That our young hero has taken,
The path of great hope!

Hope is what drives this story,
Hope shoves us onward.
Hope fills our endless void,
Hope heals our wounds.

So listen to these stories,
Which tell now of hope!
The Next Chapter is here,
Let us journey together.

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