“Chapter 1 – Peace” by The Next Chapter.

No hero loves adventure,
No hero enjoys the path.
So I think I’ll sit content here,
And let the path slip away.

Yes, I think this life suits me,
It’s really quite endearing.
Adventures are overrated,
So let us just stay right here.

Here it’s nice and quiet,
Here it’s (I’d say) fairly calm.
Here it’s in fact quite lovely,
Here it’s remarkably cool.

My family lives in peace,
My friends live in harmony,
And I’m also quite content,
I’m totally not losing my mind.

I DON’T want an adventure,
I want to stay right here!
I don’t want to endure the pain,
I don’t want to lose my friend!

Please don’t make me go,
Please don’t send me away,
I really AM quite content!
I don’t want an adventure!

Life isn’t dull and miserable,
It’s full of joy and life!
I don’t want to waste mine,
On some pointless endless quest.

Please leave me alone,
Just let me live here in peace.
I don’t want an adventure,
I’d rather live here in peace.

The form of denial that comes with every great adventure’s beginning. The respectable Hobbit’s plea, the humble Wizard’s wishes…it all starts with contentedness, and grows into something far greater.

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