“A Clock without time” by Vinisha Panwar.

It was fine

Living with a peace of comfort

Each and every day with time

Running out to please everyone

In a nice cosmic yet real display

Passions took a backseat while

Dreams were lost in a world of

Artificial love to their dismay

Then an unexpected chain of events

Told me to change myself or move

Away for the love of self respect

While it tried its best but I still

Could not change myself just to

Notice the watch on my wall

Which was stuck with no latest

Time at all since it has lost the

Power of its battery to give a run

And during all this I was involved

With me and my events for all

The sorrows but not a single fun

Then I knew to bring myself in

The latest time zone with not

Only exciting new things but

Living with a new outlook

There and then, I bought tiny

Pieces of hope to change

Not only the battery of clock

But will of my soul.

To check out more of Vinisha’s work, go here.

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