“Thick Voices of Repose” by Brand.

Your spirit
Drawn across the skies
Veiled in silver lace
Beyond secret shadows
On darkened peaks
Whose granite walls echo
The voices of my heart
Joined in constant song
And cascade
Breaking away impermanence
As the only rhythms of the night
Washing across synapses branching.

Watching the wheel of new crescent
Pulling away cirrus crystal mists
My feet rest in the flames of the earth
Adding scent to my hair
Spark to ash
And lifting to the night
A gentle flake
Unnoticed by the tight eyes
Of gray jays
Resting in firs
Above meadows
Lost from the day and dance to bow
In wait for dewy gems
Settling from the breath of snow fields
High above.

With the calming fire
Your subtle light
Fills my arms
With little flakes
Of your quiet presence.

And somewhere on the forest flanks
Far off gusts roar though needle and branch
As a prayer of response
For deepening night.

To check out more of Brand’s work, go here.

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