Story Collaboration: Chapter 8.

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Chapter One by Lucy

Chapter Two by Liyona

Chapter Three by James Strummer

Chapter Four by Matt Snyder

Chapter Five by Silver Stone

Chapter Six by DK

Chapter Seven by Lucy

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Chapter 11 by PatBunny

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Chapter Eight by CRC Ghost Bun

There is extreme violence, horror and gore. Proceed at your own caution.

A/N: I have no experience with writing a horror murder story, but I used some examples from a few comics of a certain country and an American horror movie ending that left… a very strong impression on me. But I may have created a monster, sorry.

Timeskip 7 days later; 10:18 AM

Location | 67°18′N 14°33′E; St. Helen’s Garden

Mission | Terminate Venus

Deadline | May 24, 2020, at 900


Blackbirds, tiny sparrows, gray rock city pigeons, and large black crows, the size of a house cat crowded the concrete sidewalks. The green grasses were decorated with black freckles and splotches of birds that came to feed in the morning. 


My right hand sank deep into a brown bag of cheap white grains. Gently, I pulled a fist of rice and sprinkled onto the ground as I walked toward a tall tree. A cherry tree, long deprived of her greens. Her barks were so moist, that bits of wet woods crumbled away from a slight touch of my finger. Brownish orange capped mushrooms of varying sizes, clustered diagonally up toward her trunk from her thick black roots. 

Brightly colored images flashed and faded to softening gray swiftly before I could remember anything. But I could hear her?

“Hahaha! You can’t catch me! Nehneh!” A little girl in a fading pink shirt shook her head of graying hairs and wagged her small stubby fingers out from her ears. Her taupe tongue stuck out. And then, there was nothing. 

My mind’s getting fucked all up.

My palm rested upon the sticky brown mushroom caps, ‘Who’s she?’

Its gnarly, twisted branches reached out like bony fingers for my face but never touching. I grabbed the closest branch and tugged. 

SNAP! The entire branch snapped off and fell. THUD!

Notice| The target’s here.

My earphone vibrated unpleasantly as a feminine voice spoke, Venus, here. What do you have to report?

I turned my back and stood still. The shadow of the barren cherry tree loomed over her shadow like a black monster full of desire to taste and tear apart her flesh. 

I said to her, “We have a rat. I have information that you would like to see.”

The red-haired pale woman held her distance, about seven feet apart from me. I smiled.

She’s wary. Smart bitch.

I took a step closer to her with a brown small box. My black cap kept half of my face shaded and my intentions shielded from the watchful eyes under the sun.

Venus hesitated and made her choice. She walked up closer to me with her palm open. I took large strides toward the beautiful woman. The silver on her watch flashed.

Here’s the signal!

I tossed the orange file toward her and the woman stumbled, reaching for it. My stiff body launched itself at her. Her soft skin entered my calloused hands. I pulled. Hard.

Will she taste tender?


A gunshot broke the park’s silent serenity. A bullet went through her thigh and bounced off the sidewalk into the cherry tree near my face.

Venus shouted as she tripped into my arms, “What the fuck?!”

When I felt Venus’s curves falling into my arms, I think I understand why Z wanted her badly terminated. Her breasts felt like cushion jelly bouncing against mine. 

I really want to change my mind. A pity, she must be terminated.

I thrust my tongue deep into her vulnerable, open red lips, and sucked.

“What the hel-mmm!”

Her hands sunk their sharp claws into my black Kevlar vest. Three white letters were printed on the back of it: ECP. Her resistance was futile. I crushed her body against the barren cherry tree. If anyone was to see us, then they would only see a policeman from European Central Government making out with his girlfriend in the park. 

A man shouted at us with hints of a Chinese accent, “Oh fuck you! Enough with shoving dog food at single dogs!” (Dog foods = Public Displays of Affections) He ran away crying.

A little girl laughed and pointed at him, “Nana, look! He’s crying like a bi-ig baby!”

Dude’s not even a dog. He’s just a bug.

But the girl noticed us as I tried to push a sleeping pill down Venus’s throat, “Why are they not kissie’ in uh tree? Don’t they know how to make babies up there?”

Her comments made the old woman holding her hand blush. The old woman shook her hand and hushed the child. She dragged her granddaughter away from the park.

One hand pressed the back of Venus’s head toward my face and the other hand yanked her red locks. She gasped and the pill went in. But it will take ten minutes for the pill’s effects to be activated, so I bit her neck to hasten the time.

Those assholes have done more than they thought. They chipped my brain, they fucked up my body like my teeth. They drilled muscle nerve-trigger needles into two of my canines, each with their special venom extraction. My two canines held lethal venom extracted from a Black Mamba’s neurotoxic glands and a Pit Viper’s hemotoxic glands. For some reason, the combined toxins can create a powerful paralyzing aphrodisiac effect. I have never used it against a woman except for a chicken.

Fried chicken wings—tasty.

 Venus stopped struggling against me. Her body fell into my arms. I chuckled and lifted the woman before walking out of the park toward the parking lot, “Darling, time to go home.” You won’t be free. I tapped the earbud in my ear, “Target’s secured.”

A white van pulled up into the parking lot. The side door slid open. 

“Get een,” the driver called out.  

Z’s perspective ~

Timeskip 7 days before, 4:00 PM

“How would you like her to die?”

A smile eased on my face.

I told him, “We need to secure le target and bréng hair to warehouse 11 on pairt mall street 756. We can have our fun with her before we bleach le can.”

“Oh,” said the man, Charles, who was once a friend and now a chip-controlled agent codenamed Viper. It seems a part of him is still not permanently erased yet.

Let’s give him a test.

“Should I retrieve information from her with any method?” Charles asked before I could order him. I saw something a wicked gleam shine in his eyes. My eyes blinked again.

Maybe tiz my imagination?

“Sure, you may. But don’t damage her head, she might have a chip in there.”

“Yes sir.”

Timeskip 7 days later; 2:34 PM

Location | 67°20′N 17°30′E; Warehouse 11 Port Mall St. 756

I opened the door and Charles strolled in with Venus over his shoulder. We placed her on a metal table and strapped her in with a brown leather belt. I was carrying a brown leather briefcase cuffed to my left wrist. I took out a key and unlocked the handcuff before popping the lid open. 

Here is my beautiful girl, a beautiful ebony Revolver 900M, and a stack of photos. Charles stood behind me in the shadow, leaning against the metal walls. He was looking around the room. There was nothing to see in this secret basement except for a metal surgical table, a sink, my brown briefcase with Revolver 900M, Venus, him, and me.

On the table next to Venus was a sink. There was a brown rusty bucket. My hand grasped the handle and turned on the cold water. The water rose slowly.

SHAAAA! The white running water sure is very loud. The bucket is filled with about 80% and very heavy to lift. My muscles in my arms flexed. I walked over to Venus.

Such a beautiful visage is wasted on a bitch.

“Wak up bitz!” I called as I dumped the bucket of water onto her face.

She gasped in shock from the cold. Water-soaked her red hairs like a drowned cat.

“Good morning Venus, zo whaire’z Pandora?” I smiled at her ugly, scowling face.

“Why should I tell you?” Venus spat in my face.

I wiped her disgusting saliva off my face. My fist struck her head hard. SMACK!

The woman cried. I felt the bloodthirsty chills of Charles’s icy gazes upon my back. I turned my head to stare at him. He turned his attention on Venus’s white cheek marred by a red bruise.

“You got something to say?” I asked him. My eyes narrowed with wariness. There’s a deadly predator in this room. Is it me or him?

Charles walked out of the shadow from the corner of the room by the door toward us.

“Sir, it’s time for extraction,” Charles talked nonchalantly as he twiddled with a silver scalpel in his hands.

Where the hell did he get that? My eyes watched the blade gliding over his knuckle.

“You know how to do surgery?” I asked him. Something is wrong with him.

“Yes, back in my old days. They used to call me Dr. Frankie,” a cold, vile voice slithered out from his mouth with his eyes lit in frenzy fire.

“You may proceed. But get me the information from her,” I said to him. I must leave this room. This man’s not Charles! Who’s Dr. Frankie?!

I walked out of the basement and entered a secret room, hidden behind the storage shelf. My fingers pressed a few pushbuttons, flipped on the switches, and typed in my passwords twice. Twenty-eight camera monitors turned on. Eight were hidden in the basement with Venus and Charles.

Something’s fucked up! 

“So darling, will you tell me where is this Pandora?” Charles pressed his scalpel on the flat side onto Venus’s left cheek and slid it down slowly like a gentle caress.

Venus’s voice demanded, “Who are you?” 

With a flick of his finger, the scalpel turned sharp and stabbed straight into her right shoulder. A spray of blood burst from the open wound as he twisted it out. She screamed in agony.

The man angrily roared, “You don’t know who I am?! Has the world gone fucking mad?! TELL ME WHO AM I?!”

 He pulled the scalpel out of her shoulder and tore another scream of pain. Blood burst from her wound and sprayed the metal walls. Some splattered onto the floor. The man sniffed it and licked the blood off the scalpel.

“Hmm. Fragrant metal. Good,” his red eyes watched the trapped woman turning pale in fear as she struggled against her leather bindings.

 Blood kept leaking out from her painfully twisted wounds. He stabbed his scalpel into her thigh, eliciting another cry of painful terror. The scalpel moved quickly. Like a steak knife slicing away a piece of meat and spearing it. I can see a glimpse of white bone peeking out from her wound.

The man brought the small red flesh into his mouth and chewed. CRUNCH, MUNCH! Blood dripped down his pale chin. His metallic fangs shimmered in the reflection of the cameras.

I shuddered. This can’t be real! Could this be Viper? His brain must be fried from the botched surgery. Or is this his real self?

“As I thought, you’re still quite tender,” he commented and asked her like a teacher would his student, “So who am I?”

When the woman couldn’t answer him, he stabbed his weapon into her collarbone and pulled down. With two monstrous bloody claws, he slowly pried the cut fleshes to the sides as gently as one would open a Christmas present. Blood poured out from the surgically gaping wounds.

 “This is fun sweetheart! I gotta thank Z for this!” The fucking maniac laughed through the woman’s cries of bone-deep anguish.


The maniac punched his fists against her chest. Rib bones crunched delicately under the pressures and blood sprayed onto the ceiling and onto what held Charles’s innocent face. He became a demon with half of his face covered in blood. His pink tongue licked the red liquid smattered onto his face and his metal needle fangs peeked out. Neon yellow venom dripped from the sharp tips onto the table.

 HISSS! Boiling bubbles.

 There were two black holes, the sizes of ping pong ball, burned through the metal table where it boiled upon contact with a growing black smoke.  

 “Sweetheart, tell me my name,” the demon coaxed the poor creature strapped to her fate upon a metal table of death, “then I will spare your life.”

Her voice became hoarse and warped like a mangled cassette recording with TV statics per breath. Snots, tears, sweats, and bloods splattered the floors. The tiles were being dyed. The color of blood, crimson young covering the old brown and black.

 I put a hand over my eyes.  I should have been there with her, at least to put that bitch out of her misery. Why?! Why of all bastards, it got to be this monster?!

“Doctor Frankensti Viper, Pandora is in Captain Yvonne’s safe room at the main headquarters! Please let me die!”

The pitiful ugly creature with the head of a woman sobbed as she begged him to kill her swiftly.

 Her pale skin was cut open with a straight line down from her clavicle. The thin layers of skins have been pelted open to the sides. The interior of red and white muscles, yellow mammary glands, red kidney, a beating red heart with blue veins, brown intestines, and every other bloody fucking organ known in a human body has been exposed.

 “Oh! You want to die now? Sure!” The monster set down his scalpel and picked up heavy equipment. He pulled the black handle connected to a string. The string pulled itself into the small black and yellow equipment.


Why the fucking chainsaw?!

 The chained sawblades whirred into action. My neck grew stiff and my shoulders jumped.


 Hairs stood up from the back of my chilled neck. The woman named Venus cried and screamed as the chainsaw hovered over her face. I stood up and rushed out of the secret monitor room and ran for the basement. The scream ended by the time I twisted the door handle open.

I was too late. 

The walls, the ceiling, and the floor were painted red in dripping splatters. The monster was soaked in her blood too, he just sat there on the stool. His claws were pulling a thin wire in and out of Venus’s quartered corpse. Calm.

Too calm, where is the monster? Gone!

“Hush darling. Be still. I’m putting you back together,” the monster in a man’s skin spoke to the corpse and patted her head.

Her red hairs were caked in brown, dried blood. His bloody claws caressed Venus’s bruised cheek under her opened lifeless eyes, tears leaking from her corners. Her lips were gaping wide open and had started to turn blue.

Those dead fish eyes gazed at me, pleadingly, Why him?

She’s just dead. I should have been used to it, this type of atrocity. But this is too much!

 There was not just one scalpel, but more surgical tools by his side on the table next to him.

Where the fuck di—Forget it! I saw no devil, but I sure did! Fucking freak man!

He called out to me and threw something toward my face, “Z, catch.”

My hand snatched the flying object from the air. It was hard and sharply cornered. It’s another Memory Chip. My fist clenched without breaking the chip.

“Thanks, Dr. Viper…” 

I watched him kiss Venus’s parted blue lips. “Hush darling, when you wake up. I will give you a diamond ring,” he crooned.

I turned around and left the room immediately. Today, there was nothing to eat. I couldn’t sleep either. A question kept plaguing me. Charles, what the fuck are you?

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  1. For someone with no experience writing horror, this is by far the most.horrific chapter of the entire story. This would the chapter of the book everyone was talking about. Bravo, well done indeed. ❤

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    1. Would you enlighten me?

      I may have missed a few when I put it through my spelling/grammar checker. I also read through it a few times, but two pairs of eyes are better than one. 😀


      1. Oh, yeah. I caught that one then forgot to edit it. lol

        The spacing and formatting is horrible on the WordPress block editor. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will fix the errors promptly.


      2. for example this one:A man shouted at us with hints of a Chinese accent, “Oh fuck you! Enough with shoving dog food at single dogs!” (Dog foods = Public Displays of Affections) He ran away crying. A little girl laughed and pointed at him, “Nana, look! He’s crying like a bi-ig baby!”

        it need a space between the girl and the man.

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  2. Hey Lucy! I submitted the google form but I couldn’t find a place to attach the chapter. I’ve attached it below. Hope that’s okay. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this. Regards, Thryaksha

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    1. Hi Thryaksha! I don’t see anything below here on my end.

      On the submission form for the story collaboration, there is an answer box that requests the chapter. Hope this helps. 🙂


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