“Letters From Her” by Kate.

Letters from Her: A Collection

Female infanticide. The deliberate killing of newborn female children is a serious problem in India… This is a letter in a form of poetry from a girl who was killed and thrown in a trashcan by her parents. A letter written from a girl who was thrown into a trashcan –

To all of you,

I was dying. I was choking. I was crying. It was torture. I sat there. A place where dead things stay. Where people throw away objects at me and lifeless objects. Where are my parents, you ask? They’re the ones who stuffed me in here. In a trashcan. Yes. My parents threw me into a trashcan.

Living people think it’s okay to throw other human beings away. When I think about that, it makes me want to die all over again.

They couldn’t even make their way to an orphanage. They thought that being a baby girl made me a plastic doll. They would never do that to their son. Not plastic, but a real boy. The worst part is, you didn’t take me out. What use would she be? It is a she. She can’t function. They sit there, covered in jewels and clothes, whining for more, building herself with money. She is a doll who deserves to be trapped in a box, just to be looked at and not to be able to walk. She marries and leaves, too weak to give money to her own family. Only the boy can grow up to be strong.

This is what humanity believes. This is what humanity does to girls. Worth is determined by sex. Value is determined by sex. Chance is determined by sex. He always gets the opportunities. She always gets the glares. It is disgusting that society can determine so much from two simple words; he or she. Thank you all for being disgusting people.

Yes. My own parents threw me into a trashcan. Yes. You didn’t try to save me. Yes, yes, yes. You guys have no feelings. You’re just robots following each other. If you were to describe society right now, it would be easy. He is good. She is bad. End of story.

It was the end of my story. Goodbye. Thank you for not even giving me a name.

Please love me.


This letter is just to raise awareness on female infanticide, and how it relates to sexism in society towards girls. The girl being thrown in a trashcan is a true story from a newspaper and it is extremely heartbreaking. There are many causes and petitions you can sign to help save these young girls, and I would highly appreciate if you do so.

Lucy’s Note: Here are some links to PDF’s, petitions, and campaigns online about female infanticide in India, along with other campaigns related to the cause:

Stop female foeticide in India

Petition To Stop Female Genocide/ Femicide/ Gendercide in India

ACTA Scientific Women’s Health

Invisible Girl Project

Female Foeticide in India


The 50 Million Missing Campaign

The Stop Gendercide Now Campaign

End the biggest holocaust in human history: female infanticide/feticide!

The Pushpa Project

There are many more campaigns/petitions out there as well. These are just some I’ve found and wanted to share in light of this heartbreaking social issue in India (and around the world) as described in Kate’s piece.

14 thoughts on ““Letters From Her” by Kate.”

  1. Oh gosh…this is enough to break me to my knees. I never get used to the evil around the world…no one has a corner on it, it’s a disease worse than Covid-19.

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  2. It’s not just in India but all over the world. Its everywhere. Innocent babies are being picked up from the dungeon. Sometimes dead, sometimes alive. There are evils happening that could meet human eye. What we know of this is nothing compared to what we don’t know. God have mercy upon this world.

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  3. Thank you so much for posting this! This is such an important message that I wanted to spread for the whole world. I am so thankful for the petition links you have provided, as I am sure they will make a difference. ♥️♥️♥️

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  4. I know the feeling of being an unwanted female, I was the 5th daughter born and my parents were trying for a son. He came after me. This is nothing really compared to being thrown away in a trash can for being a female but it is the same general disregard for women that is behind it coming from a patriarchal society. Thank you for posting this❤️

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    1. I’m so sorry. Oh my goodness. Hugs, sending you many hugs, my friend. ❤ ❤

      I thank Kate for submitting this piece. It shows the horrors and cruelty around the world; and it can inspire those to help make a difference to help and change lives that can be saved.

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  5. This is hard to swallow, for it bares truth. Woman have always been some how less worthy than men, even today we battle for our piece of the pie. Will that glass ceiling ever be shattered. Thank you for bringing forth this issue.

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  6. I am an indian. And this is so true. There are still people who think of girl as a burden and try to get rid of them. Though gender detection is almost banned but abandoning new born kids is still prevailing in some rural parts of the country.

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