“A Warning” by Daniel Pearce.

I don’t know whose granting wishes these days

Some sorry self-elect,

Maybe no one, maybe God.

Too busy to do their job correct.

Oh and your timing?


I was worried about my mid-life crisis

I can’t believe you had the nerve!

Specifically the right one

To take half my sight

Halve my ability to see your creation

What gives you the right?

To mess with a man’s periphery

Did I see too much? At twenty-nine?!

Explain that mystery to me.

You want thanks for the remainder?

Gratitude for my fortune?

Pray I keep my good eye

Till long after my son is grown

Or I’ll show you the true meaning of blind rage

You’ll reap what you’ve sewn.

To check out more of Daniel Pearce’s work, go here.

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