“Independence” by Martin The Poet.

I’m just going to push the boat out,
spit some words and mess about.
That’s what I love about writing,
when you start out you have no idea what to talk about.
Then words just appear out of thin air,
with flare, with the power of a prayer.

Single words can lead to warfare
or they can take you from little bear to billionaire.
Most people are unaware of the power they possess,
so they walk around in a mess, or worst still in distress.
Yet they say they want success.
But they can’t even control their words,
with any kind of finesse.

“That’s unfair, you know I’m depressed!”

Okay, I guess you need a recess.
Most people say they want to succeed, but have no idea what it takes,
so they sit at home smoking weed.

“It’s okay for you, you had it easy!”


It took me 20 years to get here.
I’ve got ringing in both my ears.

“You must be crazy?”

Yeah, but like Jay-Z, I’m not lazy.

“20 years sounds like a life sentence?”

True, but now it feels like transcendence.
Self rule is a tool you can use to gain your Independence.

To check out more of Martin The Poet’s work, go here.

18 thoughts on ““Independence” by Martin The Poet.”

    1. Thank you for this, Phoenix. I had no idea that this was happening. Luckily, I don’t click on any of the spam comment links, but the spam comments, at times, can look realistic to some.

      I would also add that you should copy/paste the website link and run it through the WordPress search. Chances are, it doesn’t exist, which means it’s spam.

      Thank you again for letting me know about this issue. I appreciate it very much!


  1. Thank you very much for share. Means the world to be for others to enjoy my words. Hopefully Im in a position one day to return the favour. 🙂

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