“In A Sea Of Lonely Nights” by Kimberly Ray.


A lonely boy in a sea of lonely nights
in that last hour of the day
capturing words he wishes he had said
writing them down
so they’re out of his head

Music fills the air
soothing the tension
lessening the cares

Take a trip to the other side:
what makes the other person tick,
what makes them come alive,
what’s in their head they’re trying to hide

While reaching out for a connection
lost and longing for attention
it’s someone in his bed
that doesn’t know the depths
of the tears he’s shed

But it’s still a mystery;
where did it all go wrong
was it this way all along

Thousands of poems
captured on those lonely nights
but not a one could do
when it’s just not you

Kimberly Ray is the author of a poetry series, Coffee Shop Sessions, available on Amazon. Her work is forthcoming in Headline Poetry & Press and 3 Moon Magazine. She is currently working on her third poetry collection and can be found at her blog or on Twitter @kimray_poet.

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