“Silence” by FromtheHeart.

When the quiet hits the room
Like a silent bomb, it arrives
And in the silence- a lonely feel
It comes in a pretty disguise.

And as you sigh, releasing breath,
The day washes right away.
But silence in never ending form
Sometimes brings sadness your way.

It can make you think of happier times
Or even the struggles you’ve faced
It can make you feel so lonely too,
Or remind you of when you’ve disgraced

If you have that button inside your soul
The one that screams out depression
I feel for you in silent times
I know you feel the regression.

So, although silence can be your friend
It can be your enemy too.
So be aware of your emotions
And it won’t come after you.

Be kind, be friendly, be happy
Be with the ones you care about
Take care in the silent times you have
And the sadness; you’ll start to doubt.

To check out more of FromtheHeart’s work, go here.

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