Horror House Wednesday Flash Fiction Contest #3

**While new prompts will no longer be posted, please indulge in any prompt here that peaks your interest. You can link it down below or create a ping-back.

Hello and welcome back! We are on week number three of the Horror House Flash Fiction Contest.

This week’s prompt is a painting:

Free stock image from Shutterstock. The picture belongs to Matt Gibson.

You can submit your entries in this comment section or even put a link of the piece from your blog in the comments, and I will decide on a winner the next Tuesday—the day before the prompt starts over again. Everyone’s entries will be included in a separate post, aside from the winner.

You can make it into any genre you want, you can use explicit language, violence, horror and gore. But please nothing discriminatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, prejudice or harmful/demeaning to a group of people.

Have fun with it, and happy writing!

39 thoughts on “Horror House Wednesday Flash Fiction Contest #3”

  1. My boyfriend hooked a mermaid.

    He asked me if I wanted to go fishing and I told him not to go because we were under a tornado warning. The sky looked ominous but he insisted the fish would be biting so I went along and sat in the back of the van to work on a watercolor while he fished from the beach. I was just glad he didn’t take the boat out. I heard him yell, “I got something big!” The rod was bending. It was too heavy for the line. Then a head popped up from under the water and screamed so loud it sounded amplified! I ran out and cut the line. We saw a big fin flip and go under. At first he was mad at me for releasing it. He said no one would believe him. Then it started pouring and we got drenched before we made it back to the van. We drove over to the other side of the bay and stopped in our favorite cafe. They heard the scream from over there but still didn’t believe us.

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    1. Welcome to the Horror House! Please do enjoy your stay.

      What an excellent entry for the contest. Wow! I love the background of it as well, and the ending was absolutely perfect. Just my type of dark humor. Hahaha. I enjoyed reading this very much!

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  2. Hi Lucy, love this contest you’ve got going 😊👍👍. I have a story for you. I’m wondering, can I include the prompt picture in my post, and who can I credit if so?

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    1. This was such an enjoyable read. I really liked the build up in the middle, the tension was really high. Very intriguing story! It’s a great take on the prompt.

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  3. Hi Lucy- gonna stick to my shtick;
    Boat Rides By Dolos.
    The black clouds rolled away in a magical way,
    The high roiling waves subsided to a sullen grey,
    Borne on them, a slow moving small empty boat,
    But no, not empty, brimful of water, yet still afloat.
    One waxen hand clung hard to the boats white side,
    One last death grip, clinging fast tho’ hope had died,
    When from above came the last low grumbling of thunder;
    Only then the hand loosed its hold and a wave swept it under.
    Ah, but was it the whims of tide or Poseidon’s hand
    That left the plucky boat beached high yon dry land?
    And by what strange mischance had that precious oar
    Serendipitously washed up and been tossed up to shore?
    Down to the sands young Jason came,
    A youth still, keen to make himself a name,
    Though no sailor, he be thick and strong of limb,
    It seemed the Gods above had smiled down on him!
    From wherever man journeys, wherever we wend
    Chronos keeps counting, and all journeys must end,
    So beware, young mortal, where Charon’s skiff awaits-
    There’s no free ride when you’re in these dire straights.

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