“I Wanna Go Home…” by Helena.

I remember the moon was about to shine at that time. Her parents were still at work and supposed to be home at 7 pm. During weekends, she’s back at her parents’ care while she was left with her witch grandmother on weekdays. A hell week as she called it. And to avoid getting a Friday bruise, she came with a boy from her neighborhood who asked her to play “bahay-bahayan” to somewhere.

As a kid, it’s fun to play “bahay-bahayan” especially if there’s a good place that they could consider as home. That time, the boy from her neighborhood found a good place…

It was an abandoned garden at the end of the creekside. And like a dense forest, the flowers withered already and the grass grew similar to the movie of Stephen King “The Grass”. It’s a path to perdition. Local people said that you can never go back once you go there.

I’ve never thought there’s beyond that hearsay. I wish I could tell her that back then.

“I’m scared.” She whispered. She’s afraid of the dark, but it was too late to get her arm off from the boy’s grip. Tears started to well up in her eyes.

“C’mon, we’ll play!” The boy said as soon as they reached the garden.

“I wanna go home.”

“I’ll bring you home after we play.”

“No. I wanna go home now, please.” She begged, but the boy was desperate to play “bahay-bahayan.”

Her wails were like sent to space– no one has heard it, even the Aliens she thought her friends. It just echoed to space and back to her now lifeless soul.

And then there was silence.

To check out more of Helena’s work, go here.

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