“Our Secret Light” by The Blue Eyed Barbarian.

When Moonlights I show you my demons, when Moonlights I show you my dance, when Moonlights I show you my death

Tonight your beautiful hair glitter and your irresistible light open up the first door to my mystical soul and then throw it away. I have a few more keys to work on towards your emotional journey. We are finally untied.. 

Up against a wall? …As the moonlight comes?.., your pale skin colour is glowing in your beautiful deep’n dark eyes that reminds of a cold lake I could see forever.. Right now I couldn’t care less if we were drowning it feels so good to be alive again

The angle of the story is impossible to repeat with a few words or numbers. I don’t understand why you bother to read about the angle of a mystical story from a mind unknown.

Tonight is the first moonlight for you and me to come forth from our innermost desires and break free from each other’s thoughts and into our deepest senses of life and love that we have waited so long for…

We let ourselves fly to our deepest secrets and we will never be able to see the reality that we used to,it was just a dream compared to our true mystical nature and emotions that we’re embracing right now.

This is the moonlight of temptation,lost love and our souls most sacred desires.

“Oh, my Goddess of the moon ‘n light bare with me as I enter Your body full of beautiful delights (sins?) and I touch you were no one has ever been before.”

Night & day are at at one, so are we..

My soul turns darker than the portals to Netherworld , my lust for your present can’t be stopped,not tonight.

wander with you Lady , I wander with you the first time ever but we are one, together we take over the universe , toghether we make them see that it’s always been you and me.

R&S 02.07.2020

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