“Poet Don Reporting” by Don Matthews.

Poet Don reporting

From the weath bureau

Rain is falling up today

Thought you’d like to know

Thanks. Good to know….

You’re welcome….

Poet Don is from the illustrious Poets Society

We are honoured to have him here with us today

To check out more of Don Matthews’s work, go here.

9 thoughts on ““Poet Don Reporting” by Don Matthews.”

      1. I asked Poet Don why he used ‘weath’ and not our Queen’s English ‘weather’. I said he confused some readers for which he apologised profusely. He did however point out that readers to your site Lucy, are pretty learned and would have little trouble joining the the dots …… I agreed with him.

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    1. I knew there would come a day when someone would bring this up. Hahaha.

      Ever since I started accepting submissions, that thought was on my mind. This is why I have the logo, “A Little Writing Workshop of Horrors” on here and on the submissions page to clarify a separate side of the website.

      I agree with your suggestion and I like it very much, but I’ve kept the name since it’s catchy and concise. As well, while there are tons of submissions on here, the majority of content stems from my work thus far.

      In the near future, I will most likely change the name if I am able to brainstorm something that can capture the pith of what this blog is about, since it’s not all of “Lucy’s Works” entirely.

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  1. Lucy, I asked Poet Don his thoughts on your so-named “A Little Writing Workshop of Horrors” to which he contributes. He thinks the title is apt as all his works tend to be on the ‘little’ side and could be described as ‘horrific’ (his words). Horrifically trivial and nonsensical comes to my mind….

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