Horror House Flash Fiction Contest #4 Winner.

Last week’s prompt for Horror House Wednesday (HHW) was the following:

“Isn’t this… Romantic?”

“You’re a psychopath.”

And boy, you psychopaths really outdone yourselves. 😉

Each entry was different, some were twisted and saturated with horror, others lighter with romance, dark humor and mystery. It was like a Christmas come early or rather a Christmas in July reading these entries and seeing how the prompt inspired you.

Excellent work everyone. I loved each one dearly, but the winner I chose is called a Work In Progress by obbverse.

It has a fantastic, well done rhythm that communicates the narrator’s psychopathy stunningly. Oh, and before I forget, it reminds me of the poem, “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning. Similar themes in each one.

This was an excellent entry, one that I enjoyed reading very much, and employed with such dark humor, I could not resist. You can read it below to see what I mean:

Work In Progress by obbverse

 ‘Isn’t this… romantic?’
You’re a psychopath.”
‘I’m trying to be empathic
So let’s not make this a bloodbath.’

‘What my psychiatrist proposes
Is I indulge in empathetic thinking-
So here’s a bunch of wine and roses
For your nose and for our drinking.’

‘Your eyes look wary and distrustful
Even as my finest Cabernet you sup,
Do my cold eyes turn red and lustful
As I see scarlet dripping from your cup?’

‘I’ve prepared a five-star meal,
Fois gras, truffles and sirloin steak,
My culinary eye can scarce conceal
The chef’s made an all too rare mistake.’

Her sweet face taut with leaden lividity,
Her tender mouth ceases its idle talk,
My eye falls with a dreaming avidity
Upon her gleaming knife and fork.

‘I swore I’d strain to show restraint
But you see the truth, you know I lie,
Now you look like you’ve seen a haint-
Now the knife points out your blind eye.’

It’s the nature of the beast
To take a lamb to slaughter,
My famine has turned into a feast
And my loves blood flows like water.

Congratulations, obbverse. Here is your award for last week’s contest:

All other entries are posted in one post separately.

Stay tuned for tomorrow for the next prompt challenge and contest for Horror House Wednesday!

1 thought on “Horror House Flash Fiction Contest #4 Winner.”

  1. Thanks Lucy, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll now have to cast an eye over the Robert Browning poem. Also, thanks for the forum, as I said before, the prompts put me outside the comfort zone.

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