Visual Verse Publication.

My piece, “I leave in a deeper silence” was published in Visual Verse for their current chapter. This is my first publication with them. It is written under my main pseudonym, and you can read the poem here.

My utmost gratitude and thanks to Visual Verse for accepting my piece. More so, be sure to check their anthology out as it’s still ongoing.

Thoughts and feedback are always appreciated. Thank you for reading.

66 thoughts on “Visual Verse Publication.”

  1. I really like the tone of it. It seems very authentic, yet you still kept a very stylish kind of story-telling while writing it. I love how raw it is; as well as the mention of Lazarus, which has a deep story in itself, and that you are not afraid to be honest in your writing. The line ‘I am not blinded but wounded’ is so tragically beautiful.
    All in all, very well done. I look forward to reading more of your poetry.



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      1. You seem so humble and down to earth. But also very rational. That’s what makes your poetry to special – you are authentic, yet stylish. You definitely are one of a kind.



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      1. Not on WordPress, no. I don’t see you have a contact page either on your blog.

        Why don’t you reach out to me on my contact page? Or if you’re not comfortable with that, you can message me on Twitter with any questions you have. My username is @LucysWorks


  2. This is such a powerful and evocative poem, Lucy!
    “I leave
    in a deeper silence
    alone to the fossils without a place
    and to the thought of others…”
    These words will haunt me for days…

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      1. Oh, wow. I am truly honored to hear that. You made my day. ❤ ❤ Thank you again so much.

        I’ve read some of your poetry and it’s just amazing. I especially love your sonnets; your writing is as well inspiring to me.

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