Kevin Morris Guest Post.

I am very happy to have a guest post on here by poet Kevin Morris. It not only features his amazing work but as well a bit of background on how nature influences his poetry. Please continue reading below, and do check out his links to find more of his publications and work.

As well, if you would like to have a guest post or interview on here, reach out to me on my contact page and we can arrange it all from there.


Kevin Morris on how nature influences his poetry:

I have, for as long as I can remember, been a lover of woods, and I’ve many happy memories of crunching through the fallen leaves with my grandfather, and collecting acorns and conkers with him.

Since 1997, I have been lucky enough to live near Spa Wood, a remnant of the Great North Wood, which survives in the Upper Norwood area of south-east London, And this beautiful woodland has inspired (and continues to inspire) much of my poetry. 

Woods are full of life and death. Great oaks remind us of are mortality, for they stood long ere we where born and will, in all probability, continue to flourish long after we are gone. 

Yet they also will one day fall and become through the process of decay food for new life.  

In my poem “Life and Death”, I attempt to capture the cycle of life and death which permeates my local woodland: 

“In this wood

That I love,

Things live and die.

Birds fly


My head;

Whilst, on the ground,

The leaves lie


And dead.” 

Woods can be strange places. I have often walked through Spa Wood and heard the wind gusting through the trees. Yet, on leaving the woods, there is very little wind. Again, the sound of leaves can so easily be mistaken for that of falling rain: 

“The rain

Patters amongst these leaves.

I listen again

And ascertain

That itโ€™s the breeze

Midst these trees.

Yet it sounds the same

As rain.” 

I still vividly recollect strolling through the woods and thinking, “I can hear rain, yet I can not feel it. How can this be?” Then, as I approached a particular tree, I became aware of the sound made by it’s leaves, which was similar to that of falling rain. Hence my poem, “Rain” was born. 

When I die, I would like my ashes to be scattered in woodland. We come from nature and to nature I wish to return in death. 

(“Life and Death”, and “Rain” can be found in my recently released collection, “Light and Shade: Serious (and Not so Serious) Poems”, which can be found here, 





13 thoughts on “Kevin Morris Guest Post.”

  1. Kevin Morris is one of the best poets. In barely few words he writes with such profundity. The poem life and death is so beautifully write. The tree that rusttles its leaves like the sound of rain took us to the wood near his home. ๐Ÿ’

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