earth’s red.

in a ghost

of the moon; archaic

dreams cross the ocean;

idled mind

the hawthorn spume

and Earth’s red

moon, estranged

to the headstone

fare to ash-heaps

and dissociation

down the bones

of beanstalk

and the ghost,

the moon,

reddened mirrors

of ourselves

to feet of God,

light lies

to paralyze

the Earth,

an insect death;

death does ourselves

to the green

of the sea

I echo,

to the sea

that cannot hear;

sunsets dying

possess us both

fall to drown & drown.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Written for the dVerse prompt: Write a haiku sequence on any theme that you like. Use a minimum of three haiku.

58 thoughts on “earth’s red.”

  1. Ten haiku, brave and prolific, you paint a picture splashed with reds (my favorite color), that deals with nature, rocks the prompt, and impresses us all with your words; nice job.

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    1. You forgot your membership password, Beverly? For shame!

      I merely jest. I’m happy to know the effect my poem had on you. Thank you for reading it and for your kind words. ❤ ❤


    1. It all really depends on how you look at it. 😀

      With my interpretation, I signify the ending of the day with the sunset dying and drowning into the ocean. It can also be about death.

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  2. So dreamlike, Lucy, almost nightmarish with the ‘moon, estranged to the headstone’, ‘bones of beanstalk’, and references to death. The recurring red is a stunning thread. I love these ambiguous lines:

    ‘I echo,
    to the sea
    that cannot hear;

    sunsets dying
    possess us both
    fall to drown & drown’ –

    is it still part of the dream, a longing for the sea, or is it a subconscious longing for an end to something, a relationship, a situation, or life itself?

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    1. Thank you for the thoughts. I tend to gravitate towards darker imagery, and I am so glad you liked those lines as well. ❤

      I would say those lines are part of a longing to the sea to become one, while at the same time, hoping for an end of a situation or feeling.

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