“Poisonous” by Navin.

You’re wearing this bloody sensual body suit
Your seductive eyes are big & beautiful ocean blue
Every step you take is calculated & very shrewd
You’re holding me tight in your tender arms of unbreakable loop

You’re dragging me out of my castle of haunted moods
My face is hidden under the layer of my shady & torn hood
You unhide my crown of thorns with fire of your intense look
Those piercing thorns in my head are painful but I’m keeping calm & my cool

A single kiss from the sensual & poisonous lips of yours
Makes me bleed red diamonds, while I bloom into the scene so blue
The scars on my face look scary in this surreal reality so brute
I can feel I’ll soon be running on fumes & will for sure be doomed

I spin 360 degrees to see the swirling point of view
Your bite will slowly dissolve my flesh & bones before I forever snooze
This cruel nature of yours is so seductive & very crude
This whole picture is so dark while I’m hanging on this edgy hook

This very moment I dig my ground deeper to find my roots
I only see those huge shadows in the shade of gloom
I don’t need to speak loud or write down to show you the proof
Everytime I come closer, you disappear in air with a single poof

I’m searching myself desperately inside of you
Ecstatic rush in my blood when I taste the poison in you
I’m so much in love with this poison & poisonous you
I’m flying high in my smoking to be forever with you.

To check out more of Navin’s work, go here.

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