I can not find any way alone (ft. Ryan Hair).

As I go through this journey of life, 
I can not find any way alone. I need you by my side. 
I need you to be my true north, my compass, and my guide.

Subdued, my dear.
Unreeling in the emptiness
in limb by limb
we are dreaming;
the wind howls
and endures the body of the crow
and pigeon,

It consumed me, as I walk in the world. 
Know that I am lost and alone. 
I button my coat and hug myself, 
trying to shield myself from damp and dark 

You see me, I see you
the waves cast illusion
into the eye of the eve;
dead flowers
my bare fingers
each white catalpa dead, and a sea
continues to flow

My only companion is the cold winter wind, 
which is cutting through the wool of my coat

Blood sweat falls from the thorns
and white petals
like fingernails; the winter wind shuts
my eyes, I see you, I see you,
but in prose, these pleas are lost;
our madness deadens the membrane
of us.

Your ghost is cute by my side.
It permeates my memory. 
As I slowly trudge through the woods,
Low roots claw at my legs
and cut me as I pass;

It’s like the sea,
as you slip between my hands.
The silent tongues
of the heart-shaped flowers
from the cigar tree
show a leaf that falls,
an ancestress of the branch
into the red, tidal sunset
and it drowns

I’m crushed against the rock, as the waves violently slam the cliffs. 
I reach for your hand, as water floods my lungs. 
No hand reaches out to reciprocate. I’m truly alone;

I’m submerged
in the root of the ocean’s snare
alone, alone
to fields of the dying art
of glass memory.

© 2020 lucysworks.com and Ryan Hair All Rights Reserved.

This is a collaborative poem between me and Ryan Hair. I wrote the lines in italics, while his lines are in regular font. I do hope you enjoyed our poem; it was quite thrilling to write it together.

As well, if you’re interested in collaborating on a poem, reach out to me via my contact page and we can discuss it over.

42 thoughts on “I can not find any way alone (ft. Ryan Hair).”

  1. I’m curious how you come up with all these things and what the meaning behind them is? Is this basically written out of the feeling of being alone?

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    1. That’s a great question. Thank you for asking it!

      For this poem specifically, Ryan and I discussed what it should be about. This ultimately is a poem about introspection, mourning and change.

      It can be about the feeling of being alone. It can also be about how we are so immersed in the memory of a person, we mentally drown in ether hope, loneliness or introspection. This is how I view the poem with such themes in mind. Ryan might view this similarly or differently.

      I think it is always left up to the reader and what they take from it in the end.

      Now also with the imagery, I was really inspired by Sylvia Plath in this one.

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      1. Well, what a nice synchronicity! Because introspection, mourning and change may be what I’m going through right now 😂

        That’s true, you see and interpret things may be different from person to person and situation to situation.

        Well, I don’t know Sylvia Plath, I’m not that familiar with poetry 😅

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