“30 July 2018” by adreamy1.

Found another one of my articles that I wrote on my laptop a while ago. The title is once again the day I probably finished it; it just needed a few tweaks here and there. I really ought to comb through my laptop more frequently, but at least I found it. Heh, it really helps to have complete pieces lying around while I’m racking my brains for the next piece.

The View from My Window.

These days, I enjoy solitude. Miles away from my family, I now humbly dwell in the bleak, quite well-maintained, but sometimes-smelly establishment provided by my university. The creatures that live here besides me, though interesting at first, have now begun to bore me. To some extent, life is monotonous here. It’s ‘Eat, sleep, drink alcohol/Smoke something/ play either Fornite or PUBG or CSGO or COD/go crazy on social media, repeat.’ And since I try to keep constant vigilance against the penultimate phrase of this MUCH followed and respected vision of these creatures, I usually end up alone. It’s not that I don’t cherish these moments of free-thinking and self-inspection. But I miss the days where I am surrounded by people with passion, madness, and inspiration. I miss the light of glee gleaming from those having an affinity with the arts; of music and literature.

I have always tried to fill this hole that I face living in these quaint dwellings. This year, I live on the 18th floor. It has been almost 2 weeks now. One of my favourite ways to pass time is partly done by my balcony.

 It is harder to wake up in the mornings now. In the 2 weeks I’ve spent in this new room, the first eight were me getting up from a hot, humid dream into a hot, humid morning. The ACs(air conditioners) weren’t working, so I would attend my lectures perspiring a little, and then return perspiring a LOT. At that time, I could easily wake up early (I suspect because of the sweat.). It is a different story now. It has started raining quite heavily after midnight, so I give in to a warm night, grateful for the AC, and get up cursing it as I wake up to a somewhat chilly morning, HIGHLY accentuated by the AC. It is with grave reluctance I venture out of my blanket into the cold world around me, while my room-mate (curse him!) sleeps contently; his classes usually being later in the day. Even before summoning the will to embark, I have taken mortal damage; my nose is already runny. Yes, being in college isn’t quite the dream as many people think it is. But the view is interesting enough for me to leave my comfort aside.

Looking from my bed I see my maroon-ish curtain billowing with the wind. Hints of blue and grey appear and disappear from time to time as the curtain sways slowly. Already a little happy, I get up and proceed towards the source.

 The air seems like the exhaled breath of a giant angel; cool, refreshing, and welcoming. Light falls lightly (heh) on everything around me. At this height, one can see the hawks more closely, and if you’re lucky, one may be flying right below you. Small clouds are just at eye level in this season. However, the seemingly- heavenly view also comes with a giant patch of reality. To my right, there are rows of somber-looking apartment buildings and societies, market complexes, small underpasses, and the occasional mall. With a massive main road and small interlinking roads to complement this concrete jungle, the mornings often have traffic starting as early as 7- 7:30 in the mornings due to the rain, with horns so loud they can be clearly and distinctly heard up here. A relatively thin strip of sand and dust nonetheless effectively guards the road against fresh air from both sides. I can only imagine and pity the pedestrians and those on two-wheelers for the trials they face every day in the mornings. There is even another university right in front of me, in the shape of a big hollow hexagon, with a huge, open field. Offices buildings, factories, and industries take up the rest of the space, so not so heavenly after all. Only the light light is their saving grace.  But I am proud to say that only a few of these erections around me surpass that of my university(I’m liking this post more and more).      

 But at night, the view changes entirely; many times the complete opposite of what it looks in the day. All office and residential buildings become halos of artificial lights; far more interesting and elegant than what they look in the day. The other university doesn’t have any lodging or living arrangements, so at night it is just a vast open area of blackness and desolation. There is a haunting look about it. The highway is the most illuminated of all. Along with the long line of streetlamps, there are streaks of yellow everywhere on the concrete. The headlights of hundreds of cars and bikes and trucks all shine like small suns; it’s actually a little difficult to look at them directly. The headlights stand tall, dominating the highway; only occasionally is the red taillight able to overpower them. Stronger is the smoke and dust rising around them. Even the 18th floor isn’t high enough to pierce through the smoke and have a good look at the stars.

Watching all these screaming vehicles at night (there tends to be considerably more traffic at night.), I like to conjure up stories of the people inside them. What are they thinking, sitting peacefully inside a comfortable car? Or IS the car comfortable? How many of the cars are giving their owners a trying time? Is every groan of the engine a signal to a worried driver that his transportation is failing? Or are parts of the car, like the AC or the radio, already damaged?  Or is it the DRIVER that is not at peace? Is he trying to reach the hospital to his wife who’s in labour? Is he angry at someone? His boss? His wife? Or is he just a violent man? Is he late for a party? Maybe his own birthday party? Is he leaving for a solo trip? Being a writer, all of these thoughts come more easily to me, and with some good music and noise-canceling headphones, I pleasingly pass away my time; maybe more happy now than the rest of my day (Engineering can be dull, so not much of a contest.). Thank God for headphones and music. Eden is my salvation at night, along with Sleeping at Last. They allow me to sink deeper into myself, ask myself questions, and make observations that I wish and try to reflect and answer in my book.

“More people show their true colours at night” is one of my most recurring and currently favourite thoughts as I gaze down at the earth. For many live lives they never wished for or don’t like, or is just a safety job. So when the day is over, ‘Time to end the farce.’. The night is the time for the violent, the volatile, and the visionaries. It is the time for robbers and artists, kidnappers and dreamers, rapists and people with two working jobs, to end their less interesting lives and begin with the more impactful one once again.

People fear the dark because they can’t see anything. What they cannot see they cannot understand. And what they cannot understand either scares them, or they take it to faith. Unfortunately, the dark presents with too many chilling encounters for us to take to faith.


This is how I sustain myself for now. These are the thoughts currently swimming in my head. And these are the thoughts with which I go to sleep tonight, only to forget them, to make room for more.                                        

Photo I took on the last day I spent in this room:

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