“THEATRE PLAY” by Writers Adventurers.


A theater performance that takes place in an apartment building; four apartments inhabited by four people who all live alone for various reasons

Six monologues that are linked together.

                                 ACT 1

Apartment 1A.

Set in a small apartment where most things are still in moving boxes

One  woman is very distressed, because she can not find her things.

We can see a kitchen table, two chairs… plants: new roses, tulips, orchids in trays on the background on top of the sink. 

One dirty kitchen, shopping bags, bottles, boxes on the floor. It is a total mess.

During the monologue, she is unpacking the boxes and talking to the audience.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Woman looks at the audience and speaks with a sarcastic voice.

What a great day! This is it, my new house. Do you like it? Come on, be honest, don’t be shy.

Nothing to say. Yeah, I thought so. She looks around the kitchen. This… This is my new beginning, my new life, my new everything! Sarcastic.

 Yeah, I’m so happy right now, can’t you see?

Listen, I hope you don’t mind all these boxes, I still have a lot of unpacking to do. It’s a mess, I know…

I am just… I am just too tired right now.

The Woman stands up, picks up a heavy box and with all her strength, she puts the box on the kitchen table; she opens it, grabs a book, and sits back down.

She starts reading a bit and then starts looking for a certain page.

Here it is. You know what this is? Facing the audience and keeping the book up. 

Yes. You’re right. It’s a dictionary  softly A stupid dictionary. I remember I bought this for her when she needed one for school.

Woman desperately is looking around now and keeps speaking softly, she is not here, not today.

I saw her this morning. She was helping me and she took all the garbage bags full of clothes from upstairs, and you know what? Every time she went up and down those stairs with one or two bags and threw them in the truck, she was taking another one.

She was really helping me. She is amazing. I could not do this alone… really.

With a voice full of anger, And you know what! She doesn’t understand. She just doesn’t understand… Oh, my angel. 

And me? I try to act normal when I am with her, you know… like this is a normal thing and these things happen, and there’s nothing I can do to change this.

And it’s not like she doesn’t know. She is a smart girl… I mean, she has girlfriends who are in the same situation–she told  me once  in her class. I think she said seven kids are in the same situation. SEVEN.

I felt guilty when I heard that. I never wanted for her to become one of those… well, you know, those kids.

I don’t think I’m worried about her per se. She is strong, doing better than me if I’m honest. A lot better. I read somewhere that kids are more flexible in adjusting to new situations; I don’t know if that is true, but she… Yeah, she is strong and I hate to say this, but she got his personality. 


He was strong too.

With panic in her movements, she starts reading the book and turning page for page again and again; she then talks to the audience.

I wanna show you something, but I can not find it. I’m sure I saw it here somewhere.


I knew I had to mark it with a pen or something, but now it’s gone. Hysterical soft laughing.

Gone, gone, yes it’s gone. Words can not disappear? Gone.

No, no, no! 

Relax, relax.

Reads slowly look at the lines. It must be here.

Woman faces the audience.

Where is she, now? She is not here, you know that. We had a fight this morning.

I feel so guilty because it was not her fault  It really wasn’t.

I know she was just trying to help me. I know that, okay?

But, I could not let her do that. Softly No, not that.

It  happened in the bathroom, I think… No, I knew exactly. There were three more garbage bags there, and when I went up, I saw here pulling one bag  over the floor towards the door. At that moment, I stopped breathing. I told her, “No. Leave those bags alone. I will do that.

“But, mom,” she said. “These are too heavy for you. I don’t mind, I will just throw them down the stairs. It’s just clothes, nothing will happen.”

Woman almost screaming and facing the audience.

“No! Don’t do that. I will do these bags, please… Besides,  don’t you have to go to school today?”

“Mom, I’m free today, don’t you remember? I want to help you with this. Let me.” 

I didn’t remember that. My head was not clear that day.

Firmly. “No. Leave those bags alone. I will do the bathroom,  and if you really, really want to help me? Listen. Just listen, okay? I’m already at the limit of everything, don’t you even understand that?”

And then… Then, it happened. I saw  the color in her face change from white ‘til almost completely red,  and I knew then…

I knew then that I hurt her. She just left the bathroom. She walked by me and didn’t say one word; she didn’t give me one look.

My angel. She is great, she didn’t deserve that. She didn’t do anything wrong.

I just hope one day, that one day in her life, she would understand why, but I know that’s impossible. 

Woman starts reading the book again.

I found it. Here it is… I knew it–it’s right here. This is the word… This is what I wanted to show you.

Asking the audience, Do you wanna know the word?

Wait. I’ll tell you, but I need a drink first. I’m so tired. I don’t understand, it’s like I have no energy. It feels like my energy is just dripping away from me and I have this strange feeling in my legs and hands; I don’t know what it is.

Woman gets up and pours a drink before sitting down, staring.

You know what happiness is? She looks around the audience. 

Well. Do you?

Sardonically. Well, then this is your lucky day.  Here it is.

 Woman is holding the book up high.

This is happiness. You can find happiness in this little book.

You can find all your happiness right here.

My whole life was in this… My whole life.

The Woman starts penciling down some words on the kitchen table, then looking at the audience.

You don’t believe me? Angrily. Just tell me, just fucking tell me if you don’t believe me, because I have it here.

Proof of my happiness.

Woman hitting the table. Here,  I wrote it down right here on this beautiful, fucking ugly table!

Woman stares at the table, and with a soft voice speaks. Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good, and you just can’t help but smile. It’s the opposite of sadness.

Yes. The opposite. I was once there and now… Now, I’m here.  

Looking at the audience.

The rose garden… I have another word: rose garden. Never promised you a rose garden.

That was the last thing he told me and then he just left; he walked out the door like… like this was nothing, like it didn’t exist, our past, our moments, our memories.

 He just… went away… Never promised you a rose garden.

Women staring at the audience. Silence.

You know what the worst part was? I didn’t know how to… Just how could I tell my baby princess he was gone? Her hero. How could I tell her without hurting her?

I decided to be a coward. I would tell her, “Listen, it’s only temporarily. Don’t worry, he still loves you. He will come back to us.”  

You know, things like that like it was nothing. He will come back to me; I know he loves her, but I also know he betrayed her. 

Nearly in tears. I remember when I told her. She didn’t cry, not one tear. But, I knew, I just knew her world collapsed, and it would never be the same again for her… 


And when I think back to the moment when it started–Oh, god. I don’t know, there’s this strange feeling in my body all day long. I tried to ignore it, but it didn’t go away. I also couldn’t sleep anymore.

Now… The exact moment this started? Probably–no, I’m pretty sure it was when I promised her,  “Don’t worry, it’s all gonna be okay. We’re coming back together again.”

We talked about it, so don’t worry. I saw in her eyes a moment of hope and happiness. I could not go back now. I already went too far.

I took her hands in mine and gave her forehead a kiss. I remember saying with this strange voice, “One day… one day, we will be a family again. I promise. I promise you that.”

Sarcastically. And that’s what life is all about. Family, a rose garden and happiness.

Turns to the the audience. You know I’m right… You know I did the right thing. You would do the same.

Don’t lie to me. I know you would. The same thing.

Woman takes the new plant trays, puts them on the kitchen table before picking up another box; she takes some flower pots and puts those on the table, potting the plants: the tulips first then the orchids. When she starts with the roses, she is facing the audience again. 

Look, roses! She starts laughing.

Roses are red, 

Violets are blue 

And I still love you.

While she is potting the roses, she starts singing softly. I’m so happy.

She opens a cabinet under the sink and pulls out a garbage bag; the bag is heavy, and with all her strength, she throws the bag on the table. She grabs the dirty kitchen knife, and puts it on the table as well, all the while, she keeps singing 

Pharrell Williams – Happy.

She reaches inside the garbage bag, and every time her hand comes out, it’s covered in unrecognizable body parts and organs; she starts slicing the parts into even tinier parts, mixing them with the flower soil; she’s potting the roses with them.

When she is finished and both bags are empty, she picks up the tray. At that moment, the doorbell rings. In a happy voice, she is here… My baby is back home

She looks at the audience and speaks slowly. 

You understand, don’t you? He lied to me.

And, I promised her,  I PROMISED MY BABY that we will be a family again, we will be together again.

I  promised her happiness. I promised her a rose garden.

                                                    The End.

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