the moon kisses
us both; knowing
the white tumuli of blood
at our feet
is ours; in a dream,
I’ve been the meronymy
of ocean to ocean;

I would see the black stars
and their explosions
into a sea of pareidolia

but these dreams
a fidelity of blood
the first of the blinded eye
to see

the bone-white frost
and thorns at dusk
swayed in the
broken trough
of skin like a lonely

born from father’s dust,
to melancholia whispers,
catch the sun;
light is shunned by
a madman’s lament
in the insouciant Kalahari

the moon has broken bones
its light on the tree, disembogued
like the in utero petals from
the dulcet Hellebores; our winter

© 2020 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.

Written for the Go Dog Go Cafe Prompt: “Catch the sunlight.”

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