“KFC’s New Artificial Nuggets. Yum” by Don Matthews.

Just eaten with my mummy

(And with my daddy too)

KFC’s new artificial

Nuggets (spices too)

Asked mummy if this artificial

Meat was free-range grown?

As well as all the herbs and spices

Green and yellow brown

(She said she’d ask Colonel Sanders…)

I am a little worried

Will come to Hungry Jacks

Artificial meat and spices

(Also Donalds Mac).

I focus on writing humour. More can be found at my site ‘Flippant, Comic, and Serious’.

4 thoughts on ““KFC’s New Artificial Nuggets. Yum” by Don Matthews.”

  1. ‘Chicken’ nuggets, deeply fried-
    Chicken nuggets? KFC lied,
    Crumbed’n’crunchy, steaming hot-
    But chicken? It is not.
    As it congeals on its plate
    It can’t conceal its vegetative state,
    Never ever been breast or leg,
    Never a question of chicken or egg.
    Barely more than chicken stock,
    Savoury chicken? what a crock,
    It retains one original feature and that’s
    Its overflowing with real saturated fats.

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