squander red rock
alone the lady
and darkness
to the tides
dislocate Apollo,
to pares of bones
wed to grief;
I shatter like
the blue moon
into fall’s hands
in the fingertips
of flowers that were not mine
& ghost planets
and shivers
reserved to the
death of the apple,
and baby’s dream.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Written for this week’s Go Dog Go Prompt: into fall’s hands.

18 thoughts on “autumn.”

  1. This poem gives me reminiscence of a woman, whose bereavement is matched with the descent of falling leaves, in comparison to bones, in comparison to the senselessness she feels was the death. Just like Autumn, a lot is questioned of “needless death”, though some will say, “War is a necessary evil.”

    “Dislocate Apollo” makes me think of the snapping of each string to normality, like upon a harp. It is as though this grieving woman is no longer feeling summer, no longer feeling warmth, as each thing she ever knew, collapses. She no longer feels where everything had stayed where they were supposedly meant to be, in the trees, attached to the boughs. Everything red, becomes a dark red, like the decay of once-bright leaves.

    The “death of the apple” reminds me more of this woman’s grief over the man, once in her life, who she held to be precious.

    There is a certain “romance” to Autumn, isn’t there? There is a sweetness. As well, it is a representation that everything we once knew, held in our lives with a carefree attitude, is drifting from sight.

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    1. Wow, that is such an in-depth interpretation. This was really a stream of consciousness writing so I cannot quite say what I had in mind for sure, but that is such a beautiful interpretation you came up with. Thank you for reading my piece, and for your delightful feedback. ❤ ❤ Always appreciated.

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