“In Mind” Poem Published in Ephemeral Elegies.

I’m very excited to announce my poem, “In Mind” has been published in Ephemeral Elegies. Thank you dearly, Tiffany Harmon and Ephemeral Elegies, for accepting my piece.

“catalpa, heart-shaped and boney
your daddy died years ago,
in redress of his mind, where I leave
my fingers on the stone…”

You can read the rest of the piece here.

I would actually like to reveal its background and inspiration. This is one of my poems that I’ve dedicated to my late Grandfather, and I think this is the second or third piece I’ve written about him. He served in the Vietnam War and when he came back, he was psychologically tormented by what he had been through.

He passed away when I was a kid, and I, in some capacity, dissociate the ghost he is and the title of him as my Grandfather. He died when I was too young to meet him, and so, I never got the chance to have any memories with him or remember his voice through the phone properly. It’s a blur.

I grieve him through means of, well… not knowing someone. A lost opportunity of what could have been.

I wrote this with that context in mind; an idea of knowing of someone, but never having the chance to know them. I only know him through the memories my father had shared; I only know of him through the things he left behind–a letter or two, and a compass that he had while in the war.

I decided to submit this to Ephemeral Elegies because of the ideology they share in their poetry, particularly confessional poetry that made me think that it would be the perfect place to house my personal thoughts, reconciliation with the past, and grief for a family member I’ve really never known.

Pain is subjective, our memories parallel to our experiences. We experience it differently, the evocations of our grief and loss. I hope you could find some solace in my piece. I cannot say it is indeed comforting, but my heart reaches and aches to anyone who has known the grief and pain of losing someone.

41 thoughts on ““In Mind” Poem Published in Ephemeral Elegies.”

    1. Oh, I thank you so much. I am so honored that my piece could remind you of the great Sylvia Plath. I am enthralled continuously by her writing style, and she was a big source of inspiration for this poem in how it’s composed.


  1. your commentary is so touching Lucy, sorry for your loss in numerous ways!

    Please read my poem W O E when time permits … it comes from my experiences of working with Vietnam Vets. It is the stories they shared that even their family don’t know …

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    1. Thank you, Kate, so much and beyond. ❤

      I read your poem and I will comment on it soon. It’s so beautiful and it describes deeply the trauma that our vets are put through. It’s terrifying how much our soldiers suffer in both physical and psychological torment. You weave so eloquently of what our soldiers experience from PTSD.

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