“Oscillation” Poem Published in Visual Verse.

My poem, “Oscillation” was recently published in Visual Verse. I am very honored and proud to be included in the company of such strong artists and word-tamers. They have my respect and appreciation. As well, my gratitude and thanks goes to Visual Verse for accepting my piece for their Volume 7 ~ Chapter 11 issue.

“the oscillation from Apollo’s lips
bury me, this womb of glass seas,
relief—a meronym of death’s faces
the last dream…”

You can read the rest of the poem here.

I am grateful for your comments, critiques, and feedback. I do hope you enjoy this piece.

28 thoughts on ““Oscillation” Poem Published in Visual Verse.”

  1. Wonderful Lucy on your publication! It is always great to feel recognized for the effort we put in to creating our poetry. The art work is most interesting! Did you pick that or did they?
    Loved these images…
    in celestial dying things;
    broken sunlight(s),
    and milk from the bosom
    ancient of woman
    in dark places.

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    1. Thank you so much, Dwight. ❤ I’m beyond thrilled you could enjoy my piece. And yes, Visual Verse picked out the image. Each month, they pick a new image prompt for writers to write for or be inspired by.

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