“When I Die” by Nick Pipitone.

When I die, I want to go softly
free from the miseries
of my body breaking down
organs sickened, cutting off life
as I suffocate, drift away

When I die, I want to wake
in a safer world
away from earth’s torments
& adverse emotions
gurus say we must bear

When I die, I want to see Jesus’ face
wash his feet, though he’d wash mine
because he did it for the apostles

When I die, I have questions for God
like, “Why is life so complex?”
like He gave us a riddle
with no answer

When I die, I want to see my father
tell him I’m sorry
do whatever souls do in the hereafter
watch a ballgame in
a heavenly living room

When I die, who knows?
maybe none of this will happen
or all of it
or I’ll be reborn
as a butterfly, flap golden wings
when I die.

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