Dead in a Minute: COVID-19 MasterClass (Review).

Dead in a 1:00 is an emerging show hosted on Instagram that features horror shorts. These horror shorts revolve around the final few moments, or quite literally, the last minute of someone’s life. Don’t let this make you think that it is pure horror—you would be quite mistaken.

Trigger warning: This episode contains dark humor about the current pandemic of Covid-19. This may be sensitive to those who know someone who was infected or has passed from the virus.

“Are you a virus that wants to learn how to become a Pandemic!?”

In this episode of Dead in a Minute, the Covid-19 virus is personified as a master class educator. After all, with MasterClass, if you can learn anytime, anywhere, this is one lesson to watch.

Of course, as Covid will tell you, it cannot teach you how to become a pandemic. Be aware of that. However, this MasterClass denotes that it’s not a single effort—it takes participation from all different varieties. Take notes, living things.

When I first watched it, I did not expect to find a film so darkly humorous about a world-wide pandemic. In spite of the humor, it shows truth in that the virus spreads because of close interaction; and with these vulnerabilities, along with tensions, there is increased risk of contracting the virus.

The film also delineates how much of the unknown is associated with Covid, and because of that, it contributes to spikes and increases in cases each day.

The film snippet accomplishes an aspect that we are all too aware of: how hard it is to feel at ease or relaxed with the ongoing pandemic. Would anyone have thought a year ago we would be wearing masks whenever we are out in public and being socially distant from each other? Ever since the Coronavirus occurred, there is a loss in the sense of normality and trust. There is also fear that pervades our senses.

This film, even while it is parodying a MasterClass about Covid, will make you laugh at the circumstances it presents. Personifying Covid-19 ironically can make you forget for a moment the real risk that is out there today. I would highly recommend viewing this film snippet if you are comfortable with the dark humor about the pandemic and virus. I never laughed as much as I had in a long time.

Dead in a Minute is created by Flynn who has been shooting film since the end of 2019. The show will make its official release on October 31st, 2021. You can reach Dead in a Minute’s Instagram here to be on the lookout for more content.

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      1. No, I had it way back in Feb/Mar/Apr, Lucy. For the first week in April i was really sick over 100 degree temp, found out I had it on my 50th, but I honestly think I got it in February from my former 74 yr old coworker.

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