she loves you.

Albert Memorial, London SW7 2ET, UK.

in sanguinolent dances we trade
our flowers for knots of the moon,
cracking until the leftover asylum of poetry
turns and explodes in our veins,

Let it be the tongue of rocks, where
serenity will kiss you in due time
and frozen fingers wed in the plow of the womb,
floating, innocent of madness, the moon,

she turns an ewe red in the light,
child-like, vanishing in the delirium
death of glass thorns under the lips of
an abattoir. She will kiss you once, though mourning.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Written for the dVerse prompt: Using the 3 word combos, all you have to do is choose one of them and write a poem 3 – 12 lines long.

45 thoughts on “she loves you.”

  1. we trade
    our flowers for knots of the moon,

    love that.

    I have to say I’m quite fond of the Albert Memorial, even though it’s incredibly kitsch. My favourite statue is the cowboy in a jockstrap(!) It’s a massive expression of love, even though it’s maybe slightly over the top. You capture the mourning and loss here, that Victoria carried so tightly for the rest of her life.

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  2. As Bjorn says,”your words are so strong”. I liked “vanishing in the delirium death of glass thorns”.
    Indeed “poetry..explodes in our veins.” Your poetics continue to drag me over undiscovered landscapes and into stygian shadows. One cannot read your words and remain placid.

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    1. Beverly, I must admit that while I write dark poetry, my muse takes me to happy places when writing. I just distort the imagery and sometimes, I get really inspired by some of my favorite poets on here like a.d.matthias or Gabriela Marie Milton. They are amazing.

      As well, thank you so much. 🙂

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  3. A wonderful imagining of grief and mourning. My favourite lines:

    until the leftover asylum of poetry
    turns and explodes in our veins

    I feel as though I’m in an asylum sometimes! Maybe the best lines come from these exploding veins…

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  4. I too had The Beatles ring in my head when I read the title, but I felt Victoria’s grief when I read your poem, Lucy. You captured her love of Albert in the line flowers traded for knots of the moon; they exchanged many gifts, including poetry. Queen Victoria gave Prince Albert a copy of Tennyson’s ‘The Princess’ as a Christmas present so the ‘poetry / turns and explodes in our veins’ is wonderfully fitting. Another phrase that made me sit up was ‘frozen fingers wed in the plow of the womb’, which reminds me of how many children she had, nine, and she hated being pregnant!

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  5. Very beautiful and very strong words, Lucy. Many of them are new words to behold. You’ve chosen a location steeped in history and of historical value. Great wordcraft Ma’am!


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  6. An intricately woven piece that matches the skill of the sculptor of the statue pictured here. Both take me to a time and place that is sacred and sad, but “she love you,” as the title proclaims, makes me smile! 🙂

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  7. Dang, once again another banger. I don’t know how you just pop up with this stuff, but it’s amazing! You should definitely get a book published or something.

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    1. Thank you, Steel, so much. I get inspiration from all sorts of things, but Sylvia Plath is my main one. She was an amazing poet.

      Aww, thanks. I am trying to do something like that currently. I have to wait and see.


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