Happy Blog, Happy Life.

Ever hear of the expression, “Happy wife, happy life”?

Of course you have. Now get it out of your head, because we’re talking about blogging. Specifically, a relatively new website called Happy Blog, Happy Life.

So, buckle up, kiddos. We’re going to learn how to be happy.

Or at least try to.

One of my close friends, Gabby, started a website designed to help with different personal projects, such as with cooking, beauty and health, and even DIY and crafts. Her blog is a versatile one, offering a range of topics and advice.

For instance, ever wanted to bake some delicious two-ingredient fudge and know what to pack on a road trip? Ideally, not at the same time, otherwise that road trip might be to the local ER if you don’t keep an eye on that fudge in the microwave.

You know, fire and all. Best to keep your focus on one thing at a time.

As for the recipe, the ingredients for the fudge are actually gluten free. As someone with celiac disease, this is something I am going to try over the holidays, because sometimes, it is really hard to find certain desserts that do not have gluten in them. Other times, guess what, gluten free specific foods can go out of stock in pandemics.

Anyway, want to try some neat perfumes? There’s a joke I had about chloroform, but I—

Ahem, I am back, and wow, everything is so dizzy. So, yes, about perfume, Gabby recently wrote out a review on which ones to get while under lockdown.

“With Covid-19, a lot of people have been buying perfume online- meaning you don’t really know the scent until you get it.”—Gabby L, “5 Amazing Perfumes on a Budget.”

Gabby has it all covered for you.

Happy Blog, Happy Life provides everything and more whether it is books to read or things to do in your spare time. Gabby also has a store where you can purchase shark teeth jewelry and charms.

She has a wicked sense of humor that you’ll see in her posts, and I’d also recommend checking out those shark teeth jewelry too! She has shown me some fossils in her collection and I was floored at the beauty of them; it was intriguing to hear about the history, along with the adaptations linked to those animals that would eventually fizzle out in the evolutionary line. If not for her poetry and artwork, I personally say her niche would be in archaeology.

But, I digress.

You can check out and subscribe to her website here, and give her a follow on Instagram and Pinterest too.

17 thoughts on “Happy Blog, Happy Life.”

    1. Thank you!

      Hahaha. I guess you can say it is mostly poetry for me. The other five percent being reviews, reblogs, and flash fiction.

      Ha, don’t worry about it! I’ve also been loving your poems, but I haven’t commented in a bit. I will amend that soon. 🙂

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  1. Hello Lucy I enjoy reading your blog. I have never liked the “Happy Wife Happy Life” statement because it puts all of the responsibility for a woman’s happiness on her husband and none of the responsibility of her husbands happiness upon her. I wasn’t offended because it was clear that you were only cleverly citing that statement to make a point. Yet my fingertips just couldn’t help tapping out that comeback as I have a very different sense of humor than most people. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi David. I do not like the phrase either for the same reason. It always bothered me in what it implies, but I decided to make light of it in the post. I understood what you meant, no worries. 🙂 I’m glad you can see the humor in what I cited.

      Thank you!

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