“UNTITLED FROM 1986” by edenbray.


emotive memories

lost moments – we live


I remember when I was young

when we were children

playing – the things we did!


School times, hard times

love times

it all comes back


Does the sap rise?

here the lump in my throat

there the ache in my heart


The Summer of .. . . ..’

that cold, cold winter

my first car, what a peach


Memories skip and dance

whimper, pall and fade

live, warm and energise


I’m thinking of you

the things we did



And you know its fun

to remember

even sorrow has its end


Shaft of reason

hand of compassion

moment of understanding


We grope to experience

the plight of others

the memories they carry


We fear the night dreams they know

the sad tales they could tell

we whimper at their loss


The terror of darkness

and agony that surrounds us

we stand aghast


Can we lift, nurture?

then be done and do it!

more often we listen


And we, as the tale is told wonder

till confronted by the past

we long for the future.

Visit edenbray – the poet – SITE B for further work.

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