O she is a Sweeney dream
from dead ghosts into winter’s fast,
beckoning duplicity

Give me a dance
to breathe in bloodline’s nursed moan
do not stare, darling

Medusa, my distress,
teeth slaught in seawater, howling
in waves as I dream

as I billow from the earth.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Written for the dVerse prompt: “Let us write our own Jisei. Write a haikai (haiku, senryu, tanka, kyoka, Gogyohka) or haikai-esque poem that reflects on imminent death—and the significance of life in light of it. If you are going for the haikai-esque, keep the lines brief (no more than 10) and use the aesthetics of haikai (simplicity, heartfulness, and pathos). If you feel daring, you can attempt the gembun—a one-sentence haibun, but otherwise, keep away from long forms.”

43 thoughts on “Medusa.”

  1. As always, dense and wonderful with allusions – and little tones of lightness – I imagine the waltz around the room – and Medusa’s line – ‘do not stare, darling’. ‘Teeth slaught in seawater’ is a great line – portents of Medusa’s (and the poet’s) origins and resurrection.

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  2. Medusa is an intriguing mythological character, as we only see her from a male point of view as a monstrous Gorgon and a representation of death. But you have captured some of her essence in this poem, Lucy. I imagine the speaker is one of her sisters when she says, ‘do not stare, darling Medusa’, and someone does love her. The sibilance in the phrase ‘slaught in seawater’ sounds like the sea, and I agree with Frank about the rhythm and cadence. I especially love the thought of breathing in bloodline’s nursed moan and the sounds created in that line, and the way she billows from the earth.

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  3. I love how your poems go so deep into the story without that many words, it’s so elegant, so defining, so-
    Instantly turns into stone

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  4. Well, I never would have thought to see Medusa and Sweeney in the same poem, but you pulled off the irony very well, “dead ghosts” of fear and impotent loss. Beautifully done, Lucy.

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  5. I loved this Lucy! Beautifully written as usual. The “ Do not stare” line was perfect. It reminded me of being a child and my mother telling me not to look at a terrible car accident we passed. There is ugliness in death and we shouldn’t be scared of it. It is better to face it head on, so to speak.

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  6. As always, I’m stunned by your vivid imagery. Like others, I loved the “do not stare” line, and those final lines “howling
    in waves as I dream
    and I billow from the earth”

    I did go off on a tangent in my mind at the beginning when all I could think of was Sweeney Todd and the worst pies in London song went through my head. 🙂

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