Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 9.

Here are the guidelines and rules if you are interested in participating in this project:

  • Leave a comment expressing direct interest in writing or claiming a chapter. First come, first serve. You must comment your interest in writing a chapter. If you, however, send in a chapter without expressing interest beforehand, the submission will not be accepted, unfortunately.

  • The participant who claims the chapter has seven days when it’s their turn to write the chapter and subsequently send it back to me. If accepted, I will provide edits if needed and the chapter will be up the day after it was submitted.

  • If I don’t hear back from you regarding the chapter, however, and it is beyond the one week limit, I will be searching for someone else to write it.

  • Please do not submit to the form without commenting your interest in writing a chapter.

  • Authors can write multiple chapters—no constraints or limits on how many they do. However, there is a general courtesy to not claim one chapter after the next. This is to allow other authors a chance to participate and as well get their own claims in for future chapters. When it’s your turn, I will remind you in the thread where you’ve claimed the particular chapter.

  • There is no deadline for this story. When I feel it’s near the end, I will release a notice on here to get the final few chapters in.

  • The minimum word count I will accept is 500. The maximum word count I will accept is somewhere between 8,000 to 10,000 words.

  • If no one seems to claim an upcoming chapter, then I will jump in to write again.

  • I will not accept anything religious, outwardly political, hateful, pornographic, slurs, or anything that is demeaning, threatening or harmful in its content. Please nothing that is against a particular group, or anything that demeans a certain group of people that would be considered racist, homophobic, sexist, religious discrimination or prejudice. I will not accept your piece if that is such the case.

  • An exploration of social issues is fine. It should not alienate or debase the audience, though, in your writing.

  • I will as well include your name/pen name and a link to your website (if you have one) with your contribution to the novel collaboration. The novel is titled “Identify.”

You can submit your continuation here.

Previous chapters:

Chapter One (Psyche) by Lucy.

Chapter Two (To the other side) by Andrada Costoiu.

Chapter Three by B.V. Stratton.

Chapter Four (The fateful night) by Smita Ray.

Chapter Five (Insight Part I) by Amitbhat0912.

Chapter Five (Insight Part II) by Amitbhat0912.

Chapter Six (They’re still out there Part I) by Lucy.

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Chapter Seven (Cycles of violence Part I) by Lucy.

Chapter Seven (Cycles of violence Part II) by Lucy.

Chapter Eight (Fragments of the past Part I) by Shweta.

Chapter Eight (Fragments of the past Part II) by Lucy.

Chapter Nine (Flashes from the past) by Smita Ray.

Italics indicate flashbacks, memories, and past events.

In the darker recesses of memory, a part of life was obliterated by a pall of mist. But the mist was thinning as though life was coming full circle to meet a perspicuous fate balancing his life on a knife-edge. Tom’s wound had nearly healed and the pain had vanished in thin air without any trace. Dourness of the night deepened in process of time and Tom gulped for air toiling to piece together the jigsaw puzzle.

Blithesome shouts of Clarence floated in the crepuscular haze accentuated by the conviviality of the pasture’s ambience.

Clutching a huge rattan basket heaped with succulent fruits, Tom trudged home along the trail with chirpy Clarence romping about at his heels. Soft golden tendrils of her hair bounced up and down, gently flapping and whirling gorgeously around her angelic face. Knock on the wood, her sumptuous gaieties would put fairies to shame!

In a stroke of luck, she glimpsed at the sight of two blooming daisies as she gadded about along the way. Surreptitiously, she plucked them away and stashed them into her tiny fur bag bemoaning how she missed her Mom. Next time she won’t come along without her Mom. Not for all the tea in China! She wished her Dad had the nous to bring Mom along.

“Come on, Dad!” She exhorted in the manner of a raving loon.

Tom couldn’t help but smile only. As they arrived at the threshold, Clarence inadvertently hit a bump and stumbled headlong. A shriek of grief involuntarily left her lips. Her enormous azure eyes filled with tears bulging at the seams. Those unalloyed salty drops worth Tom a fortune. He plonked down the rattan basket and rushed to pull her in his arms and wipe her lugubrious tear-stained eyes. Holding her in his arms he passed through the threshold, conveyed her to the sofa where Zara had sacked off and sat her gently beside her mother.

Clarence’s hands were ploutered in mud and Tom’s tee shirt was besmirched with her tiny fingers. She was still sobbing

“Can I have them?” Tom grabbed her tiny fur bag and asked archly pointing at the daisies that peeked out of the bag.

“Not likely!” With a lump in her throat, Clarence restively seized her fur bag from Tom’s hands. She couldn’t inure to the unfairness of her savage father. Her roseate cheeks glowed like smouldering embers.

“Oh, touché!” Tom croaked.

He became aware of the fact that confiscating her private property wasn’t a feasible idea. The vicissitudes of regular foray scrambled his head as though he was concussed by a hidden enemy and apparently he couldn’t scraper without nobbling her little daughter to get over the spot of bother.

“Princess, have you heard the story of the ghost and the black princess?”

Clarence’s shook her head in denial and her inquisitive eyes settled on Tom’s face.

“Fine. Here we go. Once there was a black princess. As black as soot. A little oafish but that’s okay as it didn’t amount to a hill of beans. Only occasional collisions and gashes here and there. But she was pretty fine with that.”

Clarence’s eyes widened and she leaned over her father’s arms.

“She was spliced to a vicious monster…” Tom continued.

“Who was a few bricks short of the full load. He abrasively banished her in a dank palace that perched on an isle and loitered around her like a gangster on the prod looking for troubles. The monster had a helluva temper and he couldn’t abide by her lack of discipline and her big headedness. One day his gorge rose. He pulled a spear and drew a bead on the nape of her neck but the black princess wasn’t callow or wimpish by any stretch of imagination, no. She hoodwinked the monster and busted out the palace. It’s just as well the spear only skimmed her skin!”

But as she was passing the woods…”

Clarence had drifted off to deep slumber dreaming about the black princess.

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      I am thankful that you could contribute to this collaborative effort. It means a lot, and I thank you for that and your beautiful writing.

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